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For 100 years, Suddath® has been providing top-rated local moving services to locations across the nation. And since 1992, we have served our customers in the Dallas-Ft. Worth metro area proudly with their moving needs. As a recipient of numerous Best Moving Company awards, acclaimed BBB Ratings and several industry accreditations, you can be sure that choosing Suddath as your home mover is a safe and reliable choice. But don’t take our word for it; read any of the plentiful 5-star reviews from our Dallas clients for a glimpse into their moving experience with Suddath.

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Your home move is certainly exciting, but can also be a bit overwhelming, even if you’re just moving locally . That’s why at Suddath, we offer you a Single Point of Contact for every move. Providing you with an experienced and dedicated move coordinator is just one more way to ensure your entire moving process goes smoothly. As your move gets underway, know that our fully background-checked crew will treat your belongings with the utmost care, delivering them back to you with as little hassle as possible.

Our van operators, helpers, packers and office movers are trained in-house at our own Suddath University, mastering specialized skills for packing, crating, safety procedures, home protection and more. In fact, each crew member is required to complete 25 hours of classroom training and 256 field hours of mentored training before they ever step into your home.

Flexibility with local flair – in planning, services, storage and more

As you begin to plan your local move to Dallas, our seasoned representatives will carefully walk you through the process, to help you customize a moving program that works for your schedule and budget. Choosing either a virtual or in-person walkthrough is an important step of the estimating process, so that we can give you an accurate quote and identify any furniture that may need special equipment. Detailed moving checklists have been compiled by our experts and are readily available to help you begin preparing for your home move.

Moving offers you to the opportunity to streamline the contents of your home as well. Some options Suddath offers include the declutter program to help with temporary storage and our partnership with Move for Hunger. Move For Hunger teams up with local moving companies to fight hunger by collecting non-perishable food items and delivering them to food banks. This discard and donation program is free to customers, and turns every move into an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of people in need.

As planning continues, you may discover services you need along the way, like assistance with packing specialized items. Over our 100 years in the local moving business, we have packed and moved just about every household item. From antiques and heirlooms to pianos and boats, our experienced teams will handle your belongings safely and securely by relying on their detailed training and will come prepared with the proper equipment.

Of course, successful moves are often based on timing and easy transitions. For a local move, we can often offer same-day delivery options. Or you may realize the need for short- or long-term storage as you get settled in; our 148,000 square foot warehouse in the Dallas-Ft. Worth metro area can be a quick and easy one-stop-shop solution. Plus, as an invested mover in Dallas and the surrounding area, we can help you save time and increase efficiency by updating all your contacts and offering access to local Dallas city guides though our Updater service.

Local Moving FAQs

1. What are the optimal days to start the loading process for a local move?

Working with Suddath in Dallas-Fort Worth, your move coordinator will help you select the best day that works for your schedule to move your belongings. With same-day moves as an option, selecting your move date may depend on factors such as your work schedule, costs, and available helping hands. In many instances, early weekday moves (on Mondays, Tuesdays or Wednesdays) are often less expensive and may help you save money. As a safety precaution, we typically avoid loading on Sundays; this helps regulate the service clock for our van operators and crew members.

For more information, review 5 things to consider when choosing a move date.

2. When should I start my moving process?

Because of what may seem like never-ending details, it seems you can never start a moving process too early! Even if your move is local, ideally starting the process no later than eight weeks before your move date is a good rule of thumb. A detailed moving checklist will be helpful for outlining your move, determining timelines, etc. Researching and evaluating local moving companies is an important start to the process.

Choosing a qualified local moving company like Suddath can also help ease this process, especially if you face a compressed timeline. Our experienced and professional move coordinators will work with you every step of the way to develop an optimized moving plan.

3. Is valuation coverage the same as insurance?

Valuation coverage is an agreement between you and your moving company over claims and their liability for those claims. It is not the same as insurance (a moving company cannot legally sell insurance; insurance policies would need to be purchased from an independent company that offers those plans.) However, please note that most established and reputable moving companies will offer a form of valuation coverage, as there are federal laws according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) obligating them to do so. This again is another box to check off when you are evaluating movers.

Valuation coverage offers an established compensation back to the customer if it is determined that goods were lost or damaged during the move, at the fault of the mover. For example, at Suddath, we employ a standard Released Value Protection (RVP), which is valuation coverage at $0.60 per pound of your shipment.

It is important to determine which coverage – valuation vs. insurance – is your best option for your move. Our blog post offers more details about the different types of coverages available.

4. Is Suddath able to store my belongings?

Yes, we have a 148,000-foot storage facility in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and can offer both short- and long-term storage. Short-term storage (or storage in transit) is available, however for interstate moves, storage time is capped at 180 days. Long-term, or permanent storage, is also available.

Whether you choose short or long-term, your possessions will be handled and stored with great care in a fully-enclosed vault within our warehouse. Your valuable belongings will be carefully wrapped and transferred into the storage container by our highly trained staff.

Your local Suddath moving company offers facility tours to customers as well so that you can become familiar with where your valuable belongings are being stored. Contact your dedicated move coordinator to easily schedule a visit.

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