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Innovation that Improves Employee Relocations

Today’s world moves fast. Suddath® is an employee relocation company that keeps up. We create innovative relocation solutions that make moves faster, simpler and better. As your workforce changes and technology advances, we adapt to find new, better ways to solve your challenges.

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Lump-Sum Transit Insurance Programs

Because transferees often have demanding schedules and limited time, it can be difficult to list every item and its value for international transit coverage. Suddath offers a lump sum transit insurance program with clear parameters outlined by the client that lead to reduced paperwork for the transferee, improved turnaround on the claim settlement period and fewer settlement challenges.

Small Moves with Big Benefits

Small moves have unique needs. Suddath offers the small moves program through United® Van Lines, which provides fast, easy and convenient pick-up and delivery designed for employees with less to move. Individuals or families who live in a one- or two-bedroom apartment, house or condo can take advantage of the small moves program. United’s certified small moves agents handle everything from start to finish and customize a move plan that offers full-service support meeting your employees needs such as packing, loading, storage and more.

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Electronic Inventory for More Efficiency

Suddath uses an electronic inventory system for a faster, more accurate way to document employee relocations. Guiding movers through each step, our Flex program ensures your employees’ belongings are accounted for in their current condition and any pre-existing damage is recorded, giving employees peace of mind that their belongings are taken care of. The process is streamlined with all documents electrically captured and an electronic chain of custody documented at every hand-off, from packer to van operator to warehouse worker to your employee’s new home.


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