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A common pain point for our customers is the lack of modern technology in the moving business. After listening to client needs, we developed award-winning technology applications that dramatically improve the customer experience through modern self-service features, access to real-time information and strict controls over inventory and compliance.

At Suddath®, we’ve developed applications that make it easier than ever to manage move and facility support activity, featuring capabilities like instant estimates, move tracking and automated services requests. 

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Find out how our innovative technology is improving the customer experience in the commercial moving industry by providing more visibility and control.



Monitor Office Moves in Real Time

Most commercial movers offer little to no control over inventory, progress and quality throughout an office move. Suddath changed the game with its proprietary move monitoring system, Tracker, which gives you real-time visibility into your project move. Tracker, which received a CIO 100 award for its ground-breaking innovation, enables you to monitor progress, inventory flow and compliance. These competitive advantages improve productivity and reduce move time, resulting in cost savings of up to 30 percent. In addition to being a financially smart decision, Tracker improves the move experience for employees and sets them up for success by ensuring all their items are accounted for and their workstation is ready to go on their first day in a new location. 

See how VyStar Credit Union used Tracker to easily manage a 1,000 employee, multi-location office move.

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Tracker Benefits

  • Gain more visibility; control the process; analyze critical insights
  • Access real-time information from any mobile device through an easy-to-use dashboard
  • Track inventory with computer-generated move labels and QR codes
  • Check compliance and regulations, while reducing risk through enhanced security
  • Customize pre- and post-move checklists

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woman placing tracking tag on moving crate
track an office move with advanced technology

Who uses Tracker?

Tracker can be used on businesses of any size, ranging from small office moves of five people to large sophisticated organizations moving thousands of employees over multiple phases. In fact, Tracker has been used to provide efficient office moving services for some of the largest companies in the world.

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Get Accurate Estimates Faster

Estimator documents all the details of your office move, ranging from location to services needed. The technology creates a comprehensive move plan and pricing proposal with guaranteed estimates, all in a fraction of the time it takes our competitors. Winner of the Digital Edge 50 award for innovative technology, Estimator provides you with an inventory of dates, times and resources needed well before a move, making it simple to understand and plan for your part of the process. Our proprietary technology provides customers with inventory reporting that offers a level of detail that our competitors simply cannot.

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Estimator Benefits

  • Gain instant, paperless, accurate and guaranteed estimates
  • Make informed decisions based on sound pricing appraisals
  • Document requirements digitally and share them throughout the move process
  • Capture inventory digitally by employee, area or floor for effective move planning
  • Take into consideration manpower and equipment commitments

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Who uses Estimator?

Estimator is used for any organization planning a corporate move. The software greatly improves the customer experience by enabling our experts to document important information and provide you with an accurate estimate before you sign a contract. It makes it easy for customers to put us to work with the push of a button.

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Ongoing facility support digital request

Automated Service Requests Save Time

Customers that have a high volume of facility support needs often deal with low-tech solutions that do not offer visibility into the entire business and deliver poor results. Using Portal, Suddath’s ongoing service request management system, customers can submit service requests through a user-friendly portal, and bundle services for time and costs savings. Portal offers completely visibility making it easy to view when your services are scheduled or completed, as well as provides instant updates and access to reports to manage any issues with immediate support.

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Portal Benefits

  • Save time and money with a secure web-based self-service platform
  • Monitor volume of requests
  • Put in place approval management and compliance controls
  • Easily integrate with existing facility management systems
  • Increase efficiency and reduce costs

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Who uses Portal?

Portal is designed for customers with ongoing facility support and move, add and change (MAC) needs. Our Portal clients include businesses with a high volume of facility support activity in a single location, or across hundreds of locations around the world.

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man scanning barcode using highjump technology

Real-Time Inventory Tracking

Storing furniture, equipment and supplies is a critical part of any facility support program. Many companies rely on commercial movers who use manual methods, making it difficult to track inventory and fulfill orders. At Suddath, our innovative tier-1 warehouse management system, HighJump™, makes the process automated and easier by giving you full visibility to view and manage your inventory in real-time through a user-friendly portal. Available 24/7 on your smartphone, tablet or computer, HighJump improves inventory tracking, order speed and offers a better experience for our customers and their employees.

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HighJump Benefits

  • Better visibility and control over inventory
  • Secure, web-based service request platform makes it easy to order and manage services
  • Automated service update notifications
  • Direct import of OEM product attributes to support design, deployment and reuse
  • Unlimited ad hoc attribute tracking
  • Robust inventory reporting to drive better asset management strategies
  • Visibility to crew work orders to validate proper delivery and installation with digital photos

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Who uses HighJump?

HighJump is designed for customers who need ongoing facility support managing assets including office furniture, equipment and supplies. It gives customers visibility into where their products are and makes it easy to manage your inventory on any device.

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Technology Awards & Recognition

suddath cio award winner

Prestigious CIO Award Winner

Suddath’s game-changing Tracker technology brings commercial moving into the 21st century

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office mover using tablet to scan computer

CCJ Innovator Award

Suddath recognized as one of Commercial Carrier Journal’s visionary companies and best-run operations in 2019

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woman placing tracking tag on moving crate

Industry-changing Technology

Suddath’s propriety move monitoring system, Tracker, wins coveted BizTech award for organization

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suddath digital edge award

Digital Edge 50 Award

Suddath named one of 50 ground-breaking digital leaders and technology products for innovative Estimator technology

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