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When you work with Suddath, you can select from a broad selection of customized range to meet your international corporate moving needs of all types, sizes, and destinations.

We’ve been trusted since 1919 to deliver dependable, high-quality service. Suddath successfully performs over 16,000 international moves a year. With a blend of solutions and an extensive global reach to nearly every country in the world, we get your employees wherever they need to go, happily and safely.


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From a new hire with a lump-sum benefit to an executive-level, full-service model, every employee move is unique. To effectively offer flexible corporate moving programs and tiered policies, you need a partner who can be equally adaptable in delivering them.

With Suddath, you have the best of both worlds: consistent, reliable, and highly rated customer service, coupled with the flexibility to meet any:

  • Location. We can get your employees safely and successfully transitioned, everywhere you do business, or from every location you may be recruiting and moving employees around the globe. We understand and are fully versed in each country’s unique requirements and will advise you and your employees accordingly. Our global partners are selected after a rigorous process of vetting and training – only the best earn the right to work with us. We don’t outsource the move management process – you and your employees have the same partner throughout the journey and enjoy upfront, fully transparent pricing information and the benefits we can leverage to negotiate competitive rates and preferential routes.
  • Size or type of move and transport method. We are experienced with moves of all types and sizes, through air, sea, and ground-based solutions that best fit your company program and employee needs. From less than container load (LCL) shipments to 40’ containers and custom-built, specialty crating for certain items, our experts take care of your employee’s belongings for safe and compliant handling and global transport, from origin to destination. See more about international transport options.
  • Support level. Cross-border journeys are about so much more than the careful treatment of personal belongings – and our corporate moving specialists are with you and your employees every step of the way. Guided by the scope and goals of your moving policy and your employees’ needs, we deliver:
    • Accurate virtual and in-person pre-move surveys and weight estimates to advise on the best transport method(s) and routes
    • Full and compliant document preparation and customs declarations to help your employees fully understand the process and avoid costly delays
    • Country-specific guides to prepare employees for what they can and cannot take with them, and guidelines on how best to protect or store items they may wish to keep if returning to origin location
    • Guidance on adequate transit insurance coverage
    • Optional services, including handling specialty items, temporary storage, pet transport, and unpacking/debris removal and cleaning.

Enjoy Peace of Mind

Cross-border moves provide tremendous opportunities, but they also involve risk. Trust your employees’ global  moves to Suddath, and you’ll all rest easier, knowing you’re in safe, vetted and fully compliant hands. We also demonstrate our commitment to security, safety and compliance through our professional certifications and risk management tools:

FIDI-FAIMPLUS quality assurance

We’ve earned and maintain the world’s only recognized quality certification for professional international moving and employee relocation companies. The FAIMPLUS seal is how you know that we meet or exceed standards for quality, supply chain management, insurance, claims and customer feedback – just a few of the categories in a rigorous set of criteria to meet.

Learn more

Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (CTPAT) Certification

CTPAT is a voluntary program provided by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to enhance cargo and international supply chain safety and improve the security of U.S. borders.

A key benefit of using a CTPAT-certified international mover is that you know your employee’s belongings are handled within the high standards set by the U.S. Custom and Border Protection (CBP). That translates directly into greater levels of accuracy and speed for you and your employees – we know exactly what’s in every container at all times, proactively address any security issues that arise, and reduce the number of CBP examinations and wait times at the border.

Learn more about CTPAT

Navex Global® and Navex RiskRate® Management Tools

The safe and efficient transport of your employee’s personal belongings involves multiple people, processes, and partners – and certain elements of risk, too. That risk is even higher now, as we’re navigating the health, safety and economic challenges and uncertainties of a global pandemic.

At Suddath, compliance and risk-mitigation are built into our DNA. Not only do our own employees go through extensive training and vetting, but we engage the services of Navex Global® and their RiskRate® management tool for an additional layer of security and assurances that all external parties we work with can be trusted to deliver the same standard of integrity, service and care that we do.

Learn more about the benefits of Navex

Beyond benefiting from our commitment to and proven reputation for safety and compliance, there are plenty of other things you and your employees will gain by partnering with the Suddath international moving team.

Professional, Dedicated Team

We continually invest in our talent, so we’re a well-equipped and highly motivated team ready to help successfully move yours. We are experienced professionals with expertise in the unique aspects of a global  move and are empowered to anticipate challenges and proactively seek solutions. When you work with Suddath, you and your employees have more than a moving partner, you have access to:

International Moving Resources and Helpful Information

From international moving FAQs to helpful checklists, informational articles and country guides, we help you, your team and your mobile employees stay fully informed.

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Dedicated Account Managers

Suddath’s unique approach means every client has their own account manager, equipping you with the industry information you need to make better, faster decisions, like:

  • Industry insights and guidance – Our account managers bring a big-picture, strategic view to your account, regularly and proactively advising on areas where they see potential for improvement or greater cost efficiencies.
  • A commitment to ongoing development – The average tenure of our account managers is 15 years of industry experience. They all hold Worldwide ERC®’s Certified Relocation Professional (CRP)®, and Global Mobility Specialist (GMS)® designations and engage in ongoing continuing education required to keep them current.
  • Regular opportunities to connect – Account managers host regular client updates, as well as industry roundtables or webinars to help you connect with your peers for benchmarking and idea sharing.

Learn more about the benefits of a dedicated account manager

Dedicated Move Coordinators and Counselors

The counselors and coordinators who work with your employees are not only well versed across the fundamentals of the global moving process, including customs, required documentation and international insurance coverage, but they also:

  • Receive extensive training in communication and listening skills. If a problem arises, they are equipped to proactively handle it, and to make sure you and your employees are kept informed, every step of the way.
  • Understand and empathize with the fact that moving can be a stressful process, particularly when it involves crossing borders, and are committed to making it as seamless as possible for all involved.
  • Meet or exceed customer satisfaction standards. Customer feedback is essential to the work we do, and each team member is dedicated to meeting a minimum number of returned surveys with satisfactory achievement scores.
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Project Managers

For those moves that require additional layers of personal attention and full control, leave them in our capable and experienced project managers’ hands. Acting as an extension of your own team, our dedicated project managers are empowered to handle every detail, make on-the-spot decisions, and ensure that moves stay on schedule and on budget.

Learn more about our project manager service

This is my second time using Suddath for an international relocation, and the experience was just as exceptional as it was the first time 9 years ago. This move took place during the pandemic and therefore had many challenges, however I was treated with respect and patience and kept well informed throughout the process. I am thrilled with the condition of my items received and the professionalism of all employees that I connected with. Thank you!

USA to Australia
Lisa D.
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Innovative Technology

We are constantly enhancing the move experience through investing in innovative technologies. When you partner with Suddath, you and your employees have access to convenient virtual surveys. Suddath knows that life is hectic, especially around moving time. Our virtual survey tool allows your employees to schedule a time for an estimate that is convenient to them and receive all the benefits and accuracy of an in-home visit with the ease and convenience of a tablet or phone. As an added level of safety while we continue to practice protocols around COVID-19, it’s an additional way to minimize contact, too.

Learn more about virtual surveys

Trusted Partner for the Long Term

Suddath is an Experienced, Stable Provider You Can Count On

We know how important it is to partner with organizations who clearly demonstrate their commitment to integrity and social responsibility. Particularly in times of global and economic uncertainty, it’s also essential to know you have a reliable partner who is fiscally responsible, who will act as a trusted steward of your investments and is going to be around for the long term.

A five-time international mover of the year winner with the Forum for Expatriate Management (FEM), Suddath is recognized as a trusted, high-quality global corporate moving partner.

Our values are more than words in a handbook or on a website, they’re embedded into everything we do and every action we take as a company.


Our mission is a simple one: to make our customers’ experiences easy and stress free, and we’ve been doing it for over 100 years.


We are committed to fostering trust, innovation, teamwork, caring, and agility – every day.

Corporate Social Responsibility

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Suddath is firmly committed to sustainable business practices to protect our employees, customers, communities, and the environment. We work to minimize our environmental impact throughout all business activities we undertake around the globe, whether it’s the landscapes we touch, the air we breathe or the waters we travel over. We strive to identify new ways to be energy efficient in our workplace and beyond, while delivering eco-friendly solutions to our customers.

From investing in energy efficient management systems in our buildings, to reducing emissions in our trucks and vehicles and eco-friendly packing products and supplies, we’re focused on reducing waste and making a difference.

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Suddath believes moving the world also means moving our communities forward. We’re committed to giving back, through sponsorship and support of local organizations everywhere we operate. We’re proud of a tradition of philanthropy and provide support not just through raising monetary donations, but by volunteering our time and talents in our local communities.

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From start-ups to multinationals, and from a few moves a year to entire teams and offices, we have a proven track record of delivering successful, compliant, and cost-effective in-country and cross-border corporate moving solutions. Whether we work directly with your company or partner with your relocation management firm – you can trust the Suddath team to deliver happy, productive employees.

Need Domestic Corporate Moving or Other Moving-Related Services?

In addition to international moves, we can help you with a variety of other solutions and services through our integrated business units:

Suddath Workplace Solutions – Our workplace strategists are dedicated to your business relocation, asset management and facility support needs. Whether you’re transitioning one facility across town or planning complex facility changes around the world – we can handle all of the details for you.

NXTPoint Logistics – A one-stop-shop for all your warehousing, distribution, fulfillment, freight forwarding and transportation management needs.

Sterling Lexicon Relocation Services – Need a full suite of global mobility services, including policy development, expense management and destination support? Our sister company, Sterling Lexicon, can help you manage every aspect of your talent mobility strategy and execution – from candidate assessment and selection to repatriation or permanent transfers.

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