Documentation Preparation for International Moving

Before your international move, a virtual walkthrough or in-person survey will be conducted by an experienced Suddath® representative. To determine the accurate volume and weight of your overseas move, we follow a transparent, step-by-step process.

An international move can be an overwhelming experience, but with an experienced international moving company like Suddath by your side, a process like document preparation is made easy and accurate, helping to ensure a smoother customs experience with your move.

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Free Pre-Move Walkthrough and Quote

During the walk-through, major furniture items are noted first in each room. The standard volumes of these items are listed on the cube survey sheet. Contents of closets, cupboards, shelves and drawers are reviewed by our international movers to determine the estimated number of cartons (aka boxes) needed. Paintings, mirrors and other wall hangings are noted and measured to determine if special crating is required. Items needing special crating, packing and/or handling are also measured and noted. Contents of the garage, attic and basement are surveyed.

Next, we review the access to your residence, determine several factors to streamline move time, including whether our moving vehicle can get near your residence. Doors and stairways are also viewed to ensure all items can be moved from your residence via an outside door, or if hoisting/window removal might be required.

Finally, bulky items are noted, particularly for air shipments, as they can significantly impact the volume (and cost) of the shipment. Suddath generally commits that the actual weight/volume will be within 10% of the estimate, as long as the shipment has not changed between the time of survey and packing.

Efficient, Transparent and Detailed Estimation Technology

At Suddath, we use handheld devices for estimating the volume and weight of each international relocation shipment. This technology enables our estimator to select appropriate household items and container sizes to accurately estimate the volume/cubic measurement of an individual shipment (road, surface, air, storage).

For international moving shipments, the estimator is required to include an appropriate density factor to establish the weight. Consideration for density factor is given based on furniture and personal effects type, i.e. greater density for items such as books and lesser density for bulky items such as lightweight rattan furniture. Included in the technology is the ability to add services such as crating (when necessary), special handling, shuttles and more. This system allows our estimators to generate instant, accurate data with the touch of a few buttons, replacing the old-fashioned method of hand calculating the specifics of a shipment as some in the industry still do.

Don’t have time for an in-home estimate? Do it virtually via smartphone and we will walk you through the process at a time that is convenient for you.

move coordinator measuring glass table for international move

This is my second time using Suddath for an international relocation, and the experience was just as exceptional as it was the first time 9 years ago. This move took place during the pandemic and therefore had many challenges, however I was treated with respect and patience and kept well informed throughout the process. I am thrilled with the condition of my items received and the professionalism of all employees that I connected with. Thank you!

USA to Australia
Lisa D.


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Your Ultimate Moving Overseas Checklist

Moving overseas is an exciting event and could mean a new career, opportunity, or adventure. To make sure your international move goes smoothly, it’s important that you have a plan in place so you can enjoy the experience. This ultimate checklist will provide you with a step-by-step plan to help make sure your relocation across international borders goes as stress-free as possible.

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7 Special Items You Can’t Trust Just Anyone to Move

When preparing for a move, whether you’re moving locally, across the country or across the world, it is necessary to plan on getting help with items that require special handling, packing, or storage.

We will help you understand what items you own that may need extra attention and care during your overseas move.

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