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As an HR professional, balancing the complexities of corporate moving can be overwhelming. For more than 100 years, the world’s leading companies have relied on Suddath® to make employee moves simple. We have the resources, experts and guidance to get employees quickly settled and productive in their new role. With a quality network of best-in-class partners and a dedicated, single-point-of contact guiding your employee every step of the way, you have peace of mind your employees will have a stress-free experience from start to finish.

Our customers benefit from:
  • Consultative experts and strategic insights that help them make better decisions faster
  • 24/7, real-time access to information and resources through our technological innovations
  • Better employee experiences through our caring, personalized approach


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Corporate Relocation Services Tailored to Your Business Needs

No two clients are alike. That’s why we develop customized employee relocation solutions based on your business goals. With a variety services, from innovative lump sum technology to our exclusive VIP program, Suddath offers global companies à la carte services to fully outsourced employee relocation programs.

Why Choose Suddath

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Always Anticipating Your Needs

By taking the time to understand our clients’ and customers’ needs, Suddath actively adds value and enhances relocations at every turn to ensure your employees arrive at their destinations happy and ready to be productive.

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Technology that Makes Moving Easy

Our digital moving suite guides you and your employees through the relocation process while providing convenience and insights that make relocations easier.

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Award-Winning Service and Staff

Award winning and highly skilled professionals guide your employees through every step of the process taking the burden of managing each relocation off your shoulders and ensuring your employees have a seamless move.

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Global Mobility Services

Need a full suite of global mobility services? Our sister company, Sterling Lexicon, offers end-to-end mobility solutions tailored to your business goals. From domestic relocations to managing overseas assignees, Sterling Lexicon offers global reach and local expertise with a caring, personalized touch. Services include:

  • Domestic Relocation
  • Assignment Management
  • Visa and Immigration
  • Move Management
  • Small Shipment Solution
  • Lump Sum Management

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Suddath is a proud partner of the FIDI Global Alliance of international movers. Find out what it means to be a FIDI FAIM agent.

Our Global Locations

Suddath has over 20 owned domestic locations in 15 markets and 14 global locations. With regional headquarters in the United States, United Kingdom and Singapore, our local experts provide world-class service to over 180 countries.  

Suddath Global Locations

Awards, Recognition and Certifications

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News and Info

Suddath Named International Moving Company of the Year
News May 31, 2024
Suddath Named International Moving Company of the Year

Suddath is the proud recipient of the Forum for Expatriate Management’s International Moving Company of the Year Award

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Marissa Kobal
News February 13, 2024
Suddath Appoints Marissa Kobal New Business Development Director, Moving & Storage in Houston
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Containerized Shipments: A Cost-Effective Alternative for Moving Household Goods
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Corporate Moving FAQ

What is a corporate relocation?

When a company transfers an employee to another workplace location that’s far enough away to require a move, the company may offer that person relocation benefits.
This relocation package typically includes funds to cover reasonable moving expenses to avoid putting the burden of relocation costs on employees. This allows employees who are offered a new role the ability to accept the new position without worrying about moving costs—and increases a company’s ability to recruit and retain human talent.

Depending upon the corporate moving package offered by a company, the employee may also receive funds to cover packing/unpacking services as well as the actual transportation costs. They may receive dollars to pay for selling their home, to cover temporary lodging, or to help with their new mortgage.

If your company offers these services (or wants to start), this is a situation where corporate relocation services can be needed.

How do you know if you need a corporate moving program?

When you need to move your talent to a role in another geographical area and intend to pay all or part of the moving expenses, you’ll need to offer a relocation package. Issues to consider when designing your corporate relocation benefits include the following:
Different geographies have different costs of living. If the employee is moving from a place where costs of living are lower to one where they’re higher, the corporate moving package may need to be more generous. If the reverse is true, take that into account.

If the employee is moving out of state, then state and local tax rates may vary, and your company may want to consider differences when offering a package. For international moves, tax considerations require even more consideration.  Tax laws change and vary by locality, which makes transparent and timely reporting from your mover a must for compliance.

Some employers gross-up employee benefits to cover the tax burden of benefits received.  You will want a clear policy defining what the company does or does not offer to treat your employees equitably.

Equity also implies that all relocation packages should be prepared in a consistent way for all employees. That doesn’t mean policies can’t accommodate the individual situations of employees, but you will want to put your mobility policy in writing and make it available. If policies change, inform employees of updates.

Not all corporate moving companies offer a broad spectrum of relocation services, from interns and new hires to executives and international moves. Suddath does.
If you want to hire a corporate relocation specialist, please contact us online or call 800-783-3284.
(If, by this question, you’re referring to physically moving your company, here’s information about commercial moves/office moves.)

What are the corporate moving services Suddath offers?

Suddath offers a full suite of corporate relocation services:
-Full-service moves, including long-distance and international moves
-A single point of contact for each employee
-Mobile tools to track and manage the move
-Specialized crating and packing services
-Temporary, long-term, and vault storage
-Third-party services, including pet relocation
-24/7 access to a personal move counselor for you and your employees

Unlike many other corporate relocation companies, Suddath has proven itself with 100 years of financial stability, so you can be confident in partnering with us. Contact us today to speak with a corporate relocation specialist.

How does Suddath corporate moving program help with employee relocation needs?

Whether you have an existing talent mobility team, or your recent growth makes your company new to the world of corporate relocation, Suddath provides guidance and support to large and small human resources teams. We will streamline the process of helping your employees move. Our unsurpassed network of best-in-class partners ensures that your company has the best resources available. Plus, because we provide a single point of contact for your HR team, they have ready access to all the resources we offer for a stress-free experience for your HR staff and the employees they assist.
Thanks to Suddath specialists, your company can receive strategic insights to facilitate better, more rapid decision-making with real-time information available around the clock. We offer a personalized approach that’s fueled by cutting-edge proprietary technology.
We can design a program for you to have a contract for conventional household goods moving, and we can also build in additional transport mode options if they fit your unique employee population.  We can handle small moves, group moves, rush moves, executive moves, rotational development or intern programs, or international moves. 
When you contract with Suddath to move your employees, you can benefit from a range of our corporate moving services, including those offered through our sister company, Sterling Lexicon: from our exclusive lump sum management to our unique VIP program, small shipment solution, visa and immigration services, and more.

Why should we consider Suddath for our corporate relocation?

When comparing corporate moving companies, there are numerous reasons why Suddath stands out from the crowd, including our exceptional customer service from 20 domestic locations in 15 markets and 14 global locales. In total, through Suddath, you can benefit from world-class services provided by local experts in more than 180 countries. Our corporate moving services make the process easy to access and the moves simple for peace of mind.
This allows your company to offer better employee experiences in a personalized way as you benefit from our consultative experts and have real-time access to resources, 24/7, thanks to our technological innovations. Highly skilled, award-winning professionals at Suddath will provide expert guidance from start to finish, letting you focus on the employee experience while we handle the details.
Besides our best-in-class quality and breadth of services, you can count on plenty of other benefits that not every mover can deliver. We invest in making our services fully compliant, and we design them to mitigate risk and ensure that employees’ household goods and personal data remain secure. We strive for competitive, transparent pricing, and we stand by the value our solutions create. We seamlessly transfer belongings from origin to destination, and, if an incident ever occurs, we provide prompt and fair claims settlements.
Suddath has been a trusted mover for more than 100 years, and we are proud of our unsurpassed financial stability, which lets you and our satisfied corporate clients engage our services with confidence, knowing we’re here to stay.

What does corporate moving mean?

Corporate moving refers to a situation when an employer transfers an employee from one location of a business to another, and the new location is far enough away to necessitate a move. Promotions and new roles may take employees to different locations, or corporate decisions may be driving a transfer to a new geographic area. Either way, it’s customary for the employer to help pay for an employee’s move.

Corporate relocations can be complicated and involve more than just the process of transporting the employee’s household goods to their new home. The company may also offer to provide packing and unpacking services or storage in transit to make the move go smoothly.  Some relocation policies cover a broader range of support, such as help with purchasing a new home or temporary housing to help the transition.

If your company offers corporate relocation or plans to in the future, experienced corporate moving companies such as Suddath will review with you what your employer covers during an initial consultation. When moving day arrives, our expert moving teams will seamlessly transport an employee’s belongings from the current residence to the new one. And if there’s ever an issue, we’ll handle it promptly with our fair claims settlement process.

How do you prepare to relocate employees?

When a transfer supports business goals, your company may decide to offer a relocation package. Here are a few important considerations when determining what your corporate relocation package for employees will include:
Cost of living: If the new location has a higher cost of living than the current one, you may consider an offer of a change in pay rate as well as offering an appropriate relocation package for the higher-cost area.
Tax rate: State and local taxes vary, so if your employee is moving to another region, be sure to factor in differences in state and local taxes when calculating expenses. Check with your company’s financial advisors to ensure that your moving packages are fair, equitable, and transparent for all involved.
Fairness and consistency: Relocation packages should be consistent for all employees and provided in writing. Informing employees promptly of any updates will help prevent misunderstandings.

If you are considering moving your entire place of business, you may want to look into our comprehensive office moving and commercial moving services.

Not all moving companies specialize in corporate relocation, but we do. Our personalized approach and cutting-edge technology will streamline the corporate moving process, whether you need help with moving your business, your employees, or both. Contact us today for a free corporate moving estimate with transparent pricing.


Contact our team today find out how we can give your employees better relocation experiences tomorrow.