Containerized Shipments: A Cost-Effective Alternative for Moving Household Goods

The current economic climate and supply chain challenges have forced many global mobility teams to reevaluate how they move employees’ household goods. Particularly during peak season, converging forces of driver shortages, heavily mandated driving hours, minimum weight requirements and reduced capacity make it tougher to relocate employees to new destinations quickly and cost-effectively. The pain points can be especially acute for those moving longer distances and when programs are solely dependent on traditional moving models.  

Long transit times can negatively impact employee productivity, morale and mood. Providing extended temporary housing for employees can also overburden your bottom line.

The good news for corporate moving?  There is a solution offering shorter transit times and levels of cost savings that are hard to ignore: containerized shipments.

What is a containerized shipment program?

When capacity constraints and demand are at their highest, mobile employees are more likely to experience longer lead times between when their household goods are picked up and ultimate delivery date using traditional approaches.

A containerized shipment program, also known as a small shipment program, is a way to move employees from one location to another using methods outside the traditional transportation approach. Containerization is particularly well suited for those employees with smaller household sizes or fewer personal effects. Using this method, household goods are individually packed and shipped to the destination immediately, without the need for any additional handling or storage.

How do containerized shipments work?

Because small shipment carriers don’t have to wait until an entire truck is at capacity to depart or make multiple stops before destination, the small shipment program can move an employee’s goods coast-to-coast significantly faster than traditional methods – often in ten days or less.

Employees still enjoy a full-service, white glove experience that includes the highest quality international packing and wrapping standards with each shipment. The containers are then immediately sent to their destination, allowing for more specificity in arrival dates for better planning and cost controls. Faster, more efficient shipments help employees settle into the destination more easily, allowing them to completely focus on their new role.

Another advantage of the small shipment program is it reduces claims. The enhanced packing and wrapping standards, individualized containers and direct path from origin to destination minimize handling and risk.

Small Shipments Benefit Employees and Employers

For HR and global mobility professionals, small shipment programs can significantly reduce per-diem expenses, including hotel stays or the costs of temporary living.

Because there is no minimum weight requirement, the containerized option is most cost effective for employees with shipments that don’t exceed 5,000 pounds. While larger shipments are still possible, some of the pricing advantages even out as the shipment weight increases.

When asked about her work with WWP, dedicated move liaison Kate Miley said, “We don’t just do these moves because our company has the account. We actually become part of the move with these customers. It’s important to understand we really do care about these people and want to give them the best possible experience. That’s what they deserve.” 

How does the small shipments process work for the employee?

The process for containerized shipments is very easy and can be broken down into four steps.

Step 1: The container and crew arrive at the employee’s residence

Step 2: All household goods are packed and wrapped using international packing standards

Step 3: The container is transported to the new destination

Step 4: Household goods are delivered and unloaded at the employee’s new residence

Containerized Shipments Are Easier Than You Think

Sterling Move Solutions offers an in-house small shipment solution for companies and HR teams looking to relocate employees faster, easier and more cost-effectively. Our innovative service makes a big impact on your program by streamlining the move process, allowing employees to be settled and productive in their new role faster and spending less on per diem costs. By combining this innovative solution with superior customer service, global mobility professionals can focus on their key objectives with the peace of mind that their employees are well taken care of in their new destination.

Contact our relocation experts today to find out how our containerized shipment solution saves our clients an average of 36% on transit times.