Long-Distance Moving Made Easy

Moving is the third most stressful time in a person’s life. Our goal is to simplify the moving process from the initial estimation process all the way to final delivery. All long-distance moves are supported by a dedicated move coordinator, so you can focus more on your new home and less on the move.

Taking care of you and your items during your interstate move. We care about our customers and work to ensure you have the best long-distance moving experience. Feel confident knowing we are a trusted and experienced long-distance moving company, with staff trained for over 250 hours in our in-house facility and equipped to protect your belongings and property. Our long-distance movers take care of you at every step, taking extra precautions in your home and providing specialized packaging and crating as needed.

Trusted for 100+ years. With over a century of state-to-state moving, cross country moving experience, and access to vast network of top tier moving partners, our long-distance movers can move you anywhere you need to go in North America. No place is too far or too remote, and we use efficient planning and logistics to ensure you get your items in the time frame you need them. As a valued agent of Atlas Van Lines, Suddath brings experience, expertise and resources to guide you through every step of your move.

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Packing and Unpacking Services for Long-Distance Moves

With our full-service packing team, you can get the assistance you need to get your long distance move prepped and ready to go, without any of the sweat equity. We use only the best materials and techniques, and employ experienced, background-checked and well-trained professionals who are charged with packing your home.

If you don’t have the time to pack your home yourself, the full-service option takes the stress off you while we handle it all. We also offer partial and DIY packing to meet your budget and needs – this means that we will only pack the items you tell us to. Regardless of what you pack yourself, we will carefully blanket wrap all your furniture and expertly load your items so they’re safe for your new destination.

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Short- and Long-Term Storage Options

Not sure what’s going and what’s staying? With 3 million square feet of warehouse space across the country, we offer secure, climate-controlled household goods storage to keep your personal belongings secure for as long as you need.

In certain locations where the climate necessitates it, we even offer temperature-controlled storage, which means Suddath has the capabilities to store even delicate items like art, antiques or wine collections. No matter what goods you’re storing, our team can pack, move and store with white-glove care.  

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Concierge, White-Glove Moving Services

High-end clients are accustomed to the finer things in life, so why not hire a long distance moving company experienced with high-end residences and more-demanding moves?

At Suddath, every move is assigned a dedicated move manager to take care of you at every step. We are experienced at handling specialty items such as pianos, art, antiques and wine collections, and take extra precautions to ensure your property and valuable possessions are treated with the highest level of care. We only provide highly-trained moving teams who are background checked and experienced in high-end moves. We also provide a range of concierge services to ensure your experience is as stress-free as possible as you transition between homes. 

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The most precious resource we all have is time. Planning a move between work and family commitments can add to the stress of what may already be a time-consuming process. Our goal is to be the easiest moving company to do business with. Our virtual moving survey tool provides more convenience, transparency, and protection.


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Automobile Moving

During a long-distance move, time might not allow you to check a cross-country road trip off your list just yet. Suddath will make sure your vehicle gets to your new destination.

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Pet Moving

We know your pets are like family. Suddath makes sure moving your pet long-distance is a stress-free experience, working with our trusted partner providers.

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Custom Crating

Unique items or items that are particularly delicate, fragile or irregularly sized, may require their own tailored, custom crates built to protect these types of items. Our team consists of experts who will take measurements and build a crate to spec to protect these items.

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Piano Moving

Suddath has trained experts who understand every piece of wood, ivory, and steel your piano is made from. We understand how damaging moisture and unnatural positioning can be to your instrument and know-how to safeguard against them.

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Our Locations

We make all markets accessible through over 20 owned locations and vetted partnerships in more than 150 countries. We can streamline your processes and deliver your products when and where they need to go around the globe.

Partner Facilities


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Long Distance Movers FAQs

What does it mean to be an agent of Atlas Van Lines?

Contrary to what you might think, Atlas Van Lines isn’t its own moving company. Rather, it’s represented across the country by independently owned “agents,” who work together in a partnership to fulfill long-distance moves across state lines and give us unlimited reach across the country.

For example, while Suddath may have a local branch out of the city you’re moving from, we may reach out to a trusted Atlas network partner to help fulfill the second half of the move – supplying a local crew to move your belongings into your new home. Because that company is also a Atlas agent, we can be sure that they follow the same stringent training, safety and licensing regulations.

Do I need valuation coverage for my cross country move?

We always recommend you check with your homeowner’s insurance first. While we probably have the best trained long-distance movers in the industry, and offer a standard $0.60 per pound, that may not cover the full value of many items. Having extra protection is something you should consider – we don’t think you’ll need it, but an educated consumer is a wise consumer.
Learn more about valuation coverage in our blog post.

What are my different options for a moving estimate? How can you simplify the quote process for me?

All the moving estimates are no-cost and no-obligation. Whether you call-in or use our option for a virtual walkthrough using your smartphone, a salesperson will go through your home with you, assess what your needs are, and give you a couple of choices. We look at your move, your budget, the particulars of your move, and then we present what we think is going to work best for you.

Can my possessions be temporarily stored with Suddath? If so, what are the differences between short-term and long-term storage?

Suddath has 3 million square feet within state-of-the-art facilities across the U.S. with probably the best security systems in the industry. We have ambient storage, we have climate-controlled storage. We have a variety of options that will allow someone to work within their budget and make sure that if there are any special requirements, we have the logistical ability to handle it.

The main difference between short and long-term, or permanent, storage is the timeframe in which your household items will be stored. It’s important to remember that for interstate moves, your storage time may cap at 180 days. In either case, your items will be stored in a fully enclosed vault within a warehouse. With vault storage, our warehouse staff will pad wrap your valuables and carefully store them in the container.

Learn more about our storage offerings for long-distance moves.

How do you select and hire your long-distance moving teams? Do you use your own people, or do you contract some work?

The best security in terms of your home and belongings is a well-educated, well-trained driver and crew. We train intensively through the Suddath University program, which is on-site in Jacksonville, FL.
As a cross-country moving company, we use a combination of our own employees and contractors. The contractors are full-time, 100% dedicated to us. There’s a vetting process for any crew member or driver, and we assess driving records, perform background checks, as well as assessing the number of years’ experience, safety records, and quality scores to determine eligibility to work with Suddath.
Once someone, employee or contractor, begins to work with us, we put them through over 250 hours of in-house Suddath University training to ensure they are current with our methods, as well as all industry standards. Learn more about our training and certifications, as well as Suddath University.

Moving can be stressful, especially when it’s a long-distance move. What can you do to make it easier and simpler for me?

Suddath is basically a one-stop-shop. We can help you find the realtor; we can give you the estimates that fit your budget, we can give you the packing materials, informational videos on packing, moving and more. We’re a very consultative organization and provide support and visibility to your items every step of the way. We are not a high-pressure sale and, more than anything, we can make sure that our crews have the empathy and experience to work with you in what can be a challenging process.

Learn more about what you should be looking for in a long-distance moving company.

What is a long-distance move?

Although there is no one set definition, because a local move is typically defined as being fifty miles or less and usually within the same state, a long-distance move is generally considered to be one more than fifty miles. This can be within the same state (intrastate) or from one state to another (interstate) although, by some definitions, a long-distance move must be interstate.

At Suddath, we label journeys that are farther than fifty miles as long-distance moves. If you’re looking for efficient, simplified long distance moving services that are personalized for your needs, please ask for a quote. We’ll leverage our century-plus of experience to get you where you need to go with our carefully vetted and background checked, well-trained long-distance movers having the best equipment and taking care of you throughout the relocation.

Do long distance movers charge by weight?

Each company that offers long distance moving services can charge their own rates although the same components typically go into the calculation. When asking how we charge at Suddath, we use the following elements:

● weight of household belongings that will be transported
●the distance (mileage) of the move
● the move date chosen
● optional services such as packing and unpacking services and safe, secure, convenient storage services
● additional coverage for moving valuation

To find out the cost of your long distance moving services, simply request a fast, accurate quote.

What is the best moving company for long distance?

When looking for the best rated long distance movers, we encourage you to look at Suddath.

Here’s what someone who gave us five stars had to say: “Start to finish, our movers were outstanding. They were focused and professional, swift—and good people to be around. We moved 16,000 pounds of household goods and not a thing was broken. I hope we don’t have to move again anywhere anytime soon— it was a really big move!— but if I did, I would hire these folks again in a heartbeat.”

Benefits of choosing Suddath include our experience (more than a century), our flexible menu of services (including packing and unpacking services, safe, secure, convenient storage options, and high-end white glove moving), and our professional long distance movers (well vetted, background checked, and trained). You choose the long-distance moving services you need; we provide you with a fast, accurate quote; and then we fulfill those services efficiently and carefully.

What should I look for when selecting a long-distance moving company?

You’ll want to make sure that they offer the services you need, including add-on services like packing and packingstorage options, and any specialty services required (like moving a piano). Suddath offers a flexible menu of choices along with high end white glove moving services. Also look at the experience of the companies offering long distance moving services. Suddath has more than one hundred years of experience, leveraging this expertise in every move we make.

Here’s what else matters: the long-distance movers themselves. Ours are thoroughly vetted and background checked and well trained, treating customers and their belongings with respect as they efficiently transport household goods with great care. Plus, each customer will receive a dedicated, single point of move coordinator who will provide information, offer guidance, and answer questions throughout the relocation. Ready to get started? Please ask for a quote.

How much do long-distance movers cost?

Because no two long distance moves are alike, neither are their costs. Factors that go into Suddath’s calculations (and most long-distance movers) include the following:

● weight of household belongings: If you’d like to reduce the cost of your move, before you get your quote, reduce the weight of your belongings. You can toss what is no longer usable and sell or donate items that you don’t need but others might.
● the distance (mileage) of the move: The term of “long distance move” covers relocations from one neighboring state to another to a full long distance move and everything in between.
● the move date chosen: As another way to reduce costs, moving on a weekday may save you money and so can avoid peak moving times such as April through September.
● optional services: These can include packing and unpacking services and safe, secure, convenient storage services as well as specialty services like moving a piano) and whether you’d like high end white glove moving services.
● additional coverage for moving valuation: When you request a fast, accurate quote, we’ll gladly share specifics about this bullet point.

How long will it take for my items to arrive?

Depending on the specifics of your move, including time of year and destination, it can take a couple of weeks or more. Here’s why: a typical truck for long distance moves can carry up to 35,000 pounds of household goods. The average move size is slightly over 7,000 pounds, so the truck may be carrying three to five families’ worth of goods. A route is specifically designed for maximum efficiency, so your delivery date depends on where you are in the queue. Drivers must strictly adhere to service regulations that limit how many hours they can work, and weather conditions can also have an effect. During April through September (the peak moving season), delivery spreads may be longer than in non-peak times.

If you’re interested in a shorter delivery time, Suddath offers other transportation modes, including container options for smaller moves. These can allow you to have an exclusive use of the transportation mode with a more direct route to your new home.

Do you provide instant long distance moving quotes?

You can get an immediate, ballpark estimate based on the information you provide. Then, we will conduct a virtual walkthrough quote that is much more thorough to verify the amount. Our goal is to be the easiest moving company for you to work with—and that includes how simple we make it to get a moving estimate.

We keep that same attitude throughout the entire relocation, taking the heavy lifting off of your shoulders so that you can focus on what really matters: your family’s new home and upcoming adventures.

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