Long Distance Movers Q&A: What’s the Best Way to Move My Cars?

While planning a move across the country, you’re thinking about the boxes piling up with all of your earthly possessions, and how to get them from point A to point B.

But what about the bigger items in your life that you can’t just put in a box, tape shut and call it a day? Your car, unfortunately, doesn’t have the ability to move itself from your old city to your new one – at least not yet. So if you’re moving across the country and can’t drive it yourself, or don’t want to hassle with the gas cost and mileage, you’ll have to think about how to move it with you.

There are several ways to get this done, and prices generally range between 50 cents and $1 per mile depending on what type of services you use. It’s important to consider your options to determine what works best for your moving experience.

Consider driver services

If you want someone to personally drive your car across the country and do a home delivery, you can opt for a driver service.

However, this is less ideal to use if you’re concerned about putting extra miles on your car or paying the per-mile rate of a driving service. You can opt for a non-professional driver you know, such as a friend or family member you trust, but this obviously adds miles to your car as well.

If you choose this option, you will need to verify that they are covered fully under your vehicle insurance. Consider also that you may have to purchase separate insurance to cover any valuables that may be transported in the car if they are not covered under your current car insurance.

An important upside to note about using a driving service is that you may be able to arrange for your pet to drive with and be taken care of by this person, and not have the stress of transporting them by plane.

Transport your vehicle via truck

Transporting your vehicle via a truck is a popular option among those relocating across the country.
You have the choice of either:

  • Open-air truck transportation, or
  • Enclosed truck transportation

An enclosed-air truck ensures that your car is covered while it’s being transported to your new home. By using a truck that covers your car, you can protect it from the elements and avoid possible damage. However, using an open-air truck may increase your expenses by as much as 60 percent.

With an open-air truck option, your vehicle is transported via a large truck similar to what automobile companies used to deliver used or new cars to a dealer – you’ve most likely seen these trucks, pulling stacked levels of cars behind them, driving beside you on the highway. While this is the less expensive option, keep in mind you’ll have to bid for these services using a directory and that some of these services are limited to specific transportation hubs. You may also be responsible for purchasing additional insurance to cover the move.

Consider cross-country movers

Figuring out your cross-country move doesn’t have to be a solo job. You can leverage the help of long distance movers with experience moving cars. With the help of a long distance mover, you will get accurate moving quotes, and save time on planning the car’s transportation and bidding for services.

A reputable long distance mover will work with trusted partners and suppliers who are experienced with transporting vehicles across the country. Just verify that the movers you select are licensed and insured.

Final Thoughts

When you’re moving your car across the country, you need have a game plan for how it’s going to get done.

The best option for moving your vehicle across state lines depends on your specific needs, from deciding whether it’s important to cover your car, if you want to bid for services, or if you’d rather hand off the whole process to a professional. By taking all of this into consideration, you’ll have better protection for your car during your move, as well as peace of mind.

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