Suddath University

Moving Education that Delivers Results

Suddath® University was developed to deliver the best possible customer experience by providing our employees, drivers and crews top-notch tools and training. The university was founded with the goal to prepare our moving teams to not only meet but exceed our clients’ expectations. Each feature of Suddath University contributes to the overall goal to continually offer the best training and support to our employees so they can deliver the best results to our customers.

movers packing home items at suddath university

Full-Scale Home for Hands-On Training

Our training facility provides hands-on experience and the soft skills training necessary to deliver unmatched customer satisfaction. The facility is home to a household goods training center which features a full-scale three-bedroom home complete with kitchen, home office and bathroom. Packers learn how to handle customers’ belongings with respect, care and efficiency.

Commercial Training Space with Demo Office and Workstations

Our commercial training lab features a practice office that includes multiple cubicles, an executive office and art installations. Commercial movers learn how to use our award-winning Estimator and Tracker tools while they go through multiple scenarios that are common in the office and industrial moving industry. Learners leave with an IOMI certification, HIPAA for Business Associates license and an appreciation for quality service.

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employees in technology training at suddath university

Focus on Technology

Technology plays an important role in providing the best possible service and experience to our clients. Suddath University is equipped with a state-of-the-art computer lab to ensure our employees know how to properly use our technology tools and programs. Suddath University hosts regular webinars and in-person classroom sessions to learn how to use our primary programs with a focus on Microsoft systems.

Suddath Blueprint and Process Improvement

To ensure we are delivering a consistently outstanding client experience, we built program guidelines and standards to help unify our global offices, which include:

  • Standardizing tasks and processes in the moving and logistics organization
  • Customizing training within each role in the moving and storage organization
  • Using field collaboration to learn best practices for escalation
  • Monthly company-wide calls to focus in on policies and principles that best support our customers’ needs
suddath university classroom training
training team meeting at suddath university

Talent Development

To give you the best service we must have the best people. Our talent development process is committed to:

  • Developing onboarding for new employees to better understand their roles.
  • Providing clear career paths for our team members to allow them to grow, develop and advance their careers with Suddath.
  • Giving our employees the opportunity to cross-train within Suddath University to help accelerate their careers.
  • Offering Position Captain roles to distinguish employees who have become subject-matter experts in their roles.

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