International Packing and Unpacking

Our philosophy for packing is to provide the best possible protection for the items entrusted into our care. The ultimate goal is to have every item arrive at its destination damage-free and in the same condition as when it left the origin residence.

We strive for this level of quality on each and every international move. All our facilities and partner agents provide complete home protection, full or partial packing/unpacking, short-term and long-term storage, and debris removal. Additionally, you will only work with Suddath® team members who are trusted, background-screened and certified.

When you are ready for your international move, please contact us to schedule a pre-move walkthrough with one of our certified move counselors to give you an accurate, transparent and personalized estimate. This can be done at a time that works for you in your home or virtually using your smartphone. 

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Door, Floor and Wall In-Home Protection Can Save You Thousands 

We want to make sure we leave your home in the same condition that we found it. Upon arrival at your residence, our professional international movers are required to properly prepare your residence for the international packing and wrapping process. Floor protection is mandatory, as is the protection of work surfaces to be used for the wrapping and packing of individual items. Dedicated and trained crews are used throughout your packing and loading process so there won’t be any surprise individuals showing up halfway through the packing process.

Packing Materials and Technique Matter 

Suddath adheres to the highest international packing standards, coupled with the highest quality and new packaging materials. In fact, we recently introduced a line of packing materials that includes double-wall cartons with unmatched durability and strength for our international moving customers.

Suddath takes every precaution to ensure the safety of your belongings:

  • We use the same internationally trained crew to pack and load at origin, giving you peace of mind of having skilled and experienced personnel at each step.
  • Packing efficiently and safely is an art that Suddath has mastered. While packing for density reduces overall costs, it also increases load integrity. This is particularly important when loading directly into a steamship container to avoid load shift.
  • Clearly labeling boxes and cartons is just the beginning. We go a step further and note glass fronts, delicate legs, location of bundles, contents and pre-mark where the carton or item should be loaded (base or top).
  • We always pack your “like” items together – no mixing of garage items with household items.
  • We make sure that small, loose items are packed in the appropriate parts box and not wrapped in dunnage.
  • Packing of cartons is to be restricted to a “reasonable weight” which maintains load integrity and facilitates safe handling.
  • Suddath correctly identifies the finish of highly polished items to select the appropriate wrapping material for breath-ability during international relocations.

Crystal S. was very responsive, detailed, and knowledgeable. A pleasure to work with! My movers at both origin and destination were respectful with my things, friendly, and such hard workers. I would recommend them all for recognition but dont have the names of the movers at the origin. One of the destination movers was Mario M. – they were all great though.

Netherlands to Dallas, Texas
Samantha K.


family holding passports for employee relocation

International Movers Q&A: 10 Things to do Before the Move

From learning new cultures and languages to exploring new places, there is much to look forward to with an international move. But there are also some very important things, such as vaccination information, cultural considerations and technology details that you should take care of before venturing out on your journey.

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Document Preparation

Before your international move, a survey will be conducted by an experienced Suddath representative. To assist in document preparation and determine the accurate volume and weight of your overseas move, we follow a transparent, step-by-step process.

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Ocean and Air Freight

Suddath provides transportation services via air, sea and land to meet your specific shipment needs. We take into consideration shipment size (weight and volume), origin and destination, available service options, cost components and customer expectations.

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Inventory Prep for Customs

One of the most important steps of moving internationally is knowing and complying with the customs regulations of the country you’re moving to. Our experience with international moving ensures that key details aren’t overlooked, so you don’t incur major inconveniences, delays and added costs.

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Custom Crating

Unique items or items that are particularly delicate, fragile or irregularly sized, may require their own tailored, custom crates built to protect these types of items. Our team consists of experts who will take measurements and build a crate to spec to protect these items.

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Suddath knows there’s more to moving and packing than just putting things into boxes. It takes an understanding that sentimental value carries a lot of weight. If you’ve opted to pack with Suddath, our trained and professional packers will arrive at your home in uniform at a specified date and time. The packing crew will walk you through the entire process and highlight things such as: what is going and what is staying.


What is the best way to pack for international travel?

Any time you move, it makes sense to pare down belongings to what you really need—and nowhere is this more true than with international relocations. By donating, selling, and tossing out items you don’t need, this reduces transportation costs. Plus, when you arrive in your new home, you’ll have a fresh start with just the right belongings.

Consider the climate and lifestyle of your new country; what electronic circuits are used there as you make decisions. When packing, tightly roll your clothes, wasting no space, and distribute belongings evenly, weight-wise. Keep all essentials in carry-on bags, including a small first-aid/healthcare kit, crucial travel documentation, toiletries, and personal electronics and chargers. Verify liquid allowances for carry-on bags, customs regulations, and so forth.

Suddath’s international packers and movers know exactly how to streamline the complex processes involved in this type of relocation—which, of course, include our outstanding packing services. In short, besides being one of the best international movers, we’re also one of the most exceptional packing companies.

What should I not forget when traveling internationally?

From credit cards with no foreign transaction fees to dictionaries containing important phrases in languages you’re likely to encounter, appropriate travel visas, and vaccinations, there’s plenty to remember when traveling internationally. When moving internationally, you’ll likely have to do most of the same things—and then have much more to consider: from settling children into schools to understanding more about the healthcare systems, transporting pets, learning about new tax rules, and so forth.

Our international packers and movers are skilled in helping you through the entire relocation process with a personalized move counselor available each step of the way. We offer flexible packing and moving services, using high-quality moving materials, and a variety of shipping options. We’re highly experienced in creating customs inventories, and we have an online system that seamlessly tracks your move and keeps you in the know. We help with storage needs, have full insurance coverage, and provide so much more. When comparing international packing and moving services among companies, ask each about their accreditations and industry memberships.

What is the average cost of an international move?

No two moves are alike, and this is especially true with international moves that come with a huge range of distances, services required, and potential complexities; figure $1,500 to $12,000 as a general average. What matters to you, though, is the cost of your specific move—and, as yet another way in which Suddath is one of the best international moving companies, we offer transparent and fair pricing with no hidden costs.

The bulk of international moving costs is based on the estimated weight and volume of your household goods, which will almost certainly not match the actual weight and volume that’s determined upon the completion of your relocation.

To ask questions about our packing services or to get a quote, please contact us online or call 802-578-1620.

How can I save money on professional packing services?

Hiring a packing company can actually be a cost-saving move if you factor in the time you would spend off of or outside of work buying supplies, organizing and packing. Here are some ways to save money on packing services costs:

1. Supply your own boxes. If you can supply your own boxes, especially if you can find free boxes from a recent move, you eliminate the need to purchase them from the moving company.
2. Donate unwanted items. It doesn’t make sense to pack and move items that you’re just going to get rid of. Take stock of your belongings and get rid of stuff that doesn’t need to make the move.
3. Pack some things yourself. If you have the time to pack some items yourself, opt for the partial packing service. Save only the items that are particularly heavy, fragile, or difficult to move for the professional packing and moving company.

What certifications should my international mover have?

Top international movers will hold specific licenses and certifications that support their expertise in international moving and shipping procedures and will provide highly trained coordinators to manage the process with you.

In the United States, for instance, one such certification is the Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) certification, offered through the US Department of Homeland Security. C-TPAT is a voluntary program that demonstrates a commitment to securely and accurately moving your goods based on the standards of U.S. Custom and Border Protection.

Most providers specializing in international moves will also offer service-level-agreements (SLAs) designed specifically to moves abroad that will outline all aspects of your move process, as well as protection coverage options.

This type of enhanced planning will also help you identify what may and may not be allowed to be transported to your destination country. There are regulations and restrictions related to certain items, like electronics, appliances and more, especially in terms of the customs review process. An experienced move coordinator will assist you in understanding the documentation and requirements needed for seamless transport.

For example, while Suddath can’t obtain documents on your behalf, we do work with our overseas partners to clarify and simplify the requirements for you to get them. You would then submit the documents to us, and we obtain the clearance.

Can you help me pack and stage my home?

Yes! Since home staging has become more common – 95% of people use the internet to home search, so helping your home show well online with beautiful pictures and even virtual tours is key – our Declutter & Store Program has become very popular. It allows people who need cost-effective temporary storage for home projects like staging or remodeling an easy, safe and secure option.

Our professional drivers and movers make load and pack your excess items into one or more of our storage vaults. We then store your items in our climate-controlled warehouse until you need them delivered. This is a flexible and affordable service which helps attract buyers and ultimately sell their home quickly –  83% of buyers’ agents said staging a home made it easier for a buyer to visualize the property as a future home, according to the National Association of Realtors.

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