International Movers Q&A: What Do I Need to Know About Customs Regulations?

One of the most important steps of moving internationally is knowing and complying with the customs regulations of the country you’re moving to. The following points will help you understand what’s required from a customs standpoint to prevent delays and ensure a smooth international moving process.

Get a thorough inventory completed by your moving company

Because many countries have restrictions on the types of items you bring into their country, including currency and electronics, and differ on what they may or may not permit, it’s vital to have a thorough packing inventory completed of what you’re planning to bring. Your mover should provide a packing inventory listing the contents of your shipment. This inventory is supplied to customs at destination for customs clearance purposes. Make sure that’s it’s a line-by-line inventory noting the all items in your shipment. Be sure that all electronics have serial numbers noted. If you have any large items in your shipment, here’s some helpful information with ideas for moving them to another country.

​Choose CTPAT-certified international moving companies

When interviewing international movers, make sure they are transparent about what’s included and excluded in their services. Ask if they have oversight to every aspect of the move and what type of Service Level Agreements (SLAs) they have with the providers they partner with.

If key details are overlooked by your moving company, major inconveniences can result during your move. For example, if a thorough inventory check is not conducted, you could experience a delay in shipment of your items, or it could lead to unnecessary customs-related fines or fees. Instead, make sure the moving company you choose has proven supply chain expertise so they can streamline the process for you.

Keep up with customs

Knowing what’s required when it comes to customs regulations plays a major role in having a seamless moving process. Experienced movers like Suddath® offer personalized international moving services that help you understand your specific customs requirements and handle every aspect of your move to a new country.