Moving Companies Q&A: What to Do with Leftover Boxes?

After a move, you may have a lot of boxes leftover that you’ll need to remove from your new home. While you can resell your moving boxes or ask moving companies to help you recycle or donate them, there are also more creative ways to use your leftover boxes.

Create Storage Containers

With a little glue and scissors, you can transform your moving boxes into small storage containers to hold a variety of items, such as pens, markers and other writing or drawing tools. You can even decorate the box to look unique by using paint, Washi tape or patterned paper.

Make Shelves

You can make a shelving unit using cardboard boxes, too. They can be painted to match the decor of your room and designed in a modular format to hold books or even display shoes. Just use large, sturdy boxes and large binder clips to hold your cardboard boxes together.

Industrial chic has made its way to the forefront of interior design, so why not cardboard chic?

Make a Lap Tray

lap tray is an easy cardboard box project to tackle. Lap trays are fantastic for kids who love to create art while sitting on the ground or in their beds. Lap trays will help your child create a comfortable, creative space for doing homework or drawing. It’s an especially useful project when moving, and your child needs a creative outlet. You don’t even have to worry about them creating a mess, since the cardboard lap tray can offer enough space to capture all that eraser residue and pencil shavings.

Create a Cardboard Box Home

If you have children or pets, you can also create a cardboard box home where they can play or rest. If you have a toddler or small child, you can use a large cardboard box as a “den of creativity” where your child can color on the walls – and only those walls.

As for pets, cats are naturally drawn to cardboard boxes thanks to the warmth and security the boxes provide. A box is a great de-stressor and hiding. If you’re up for a challenge, you can even create a cat mansion for your favorite feline friends to keep them warm during cool nights. As for the canine members of your family – make them a cardboard box bed, or even use it as a place to store all of their toys.

Use Boxes for Gardening

Cardboard boxes are great for your garden. You can use them as a base layer for wooden planters to keep unwanted grass or weeds from destroying your beautiful blooms. You can even use cardboard boxes as planters. Just use sturdy boxes and be careful not to water at the edges where it can soften the cardboard.

Set the Stage

Amp up playtime for the kids by building a playset out of your leftover boxes from your move. You can even create a puppet theatre or a royal dining room set, depending on how many boxes you have leftover. Extra boxes can also be used for fun DIY costumes like Minecraft or SpongeBob characters.

Don’t Forget About Boxes on your Moving Quotes

Getting creative with your moving boxes after your move is a great idea for turning the chore of getting rid of those boxes into a fun family activity while helping the environment by avoiding contributing to landfills. But, you can also ensure that you have the exact number of boxes you need before your next move by getting a thorough walkthrough with your moving quote. Reputable moving companies will ensure that every room and item are accounted for, and even spot places you may not think of, such as your garage, attic or storage room. By planning ahead, you can ensure you get the right number of moving boxes for your next move (and next creative cardboard box project).

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