Moving Orlando Locals for 80 Years

Since 1919, Suddath® has been providing top-rated local moving services to locations across the nation. A mere 20 years after opening our doors in Jacksonville, Suddath opened its second-ever location in Orlando in 1938. That means our Orlando location even predates Disney!

The longevity of Suddath and its 5-star reputation are just two of the reasons that Suddath has become a top choice for local moving needs. With Best Moving Company awards, stellar BBB Ratings, documented industry accreditations, and over 300 positive reviews from Orlando customers, you can rest assured that your home move is in good hands with Suddath.

As the largest Suddath location in Central Florida, our Orlando branch is also a three-time “Branch of the Year” winner within Suddath, having excelled in local moving and customer service.


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Your own local moving concierge service

Moving is stressful, even for a local move where point A and point B are in close proximity. No matter the distance, Suddath aims to make this journey as smooth as possible. With a dedicated, single point of contact – your move coordinator – as well as helpful moving checklists and planning resources, we can transform this overwhelming moment into the calm transition you deserve.

Our easy process begins with a virtual or In-person walkthrough where an experienced Suddath representative surveys your home to assess your needs for packing, space, personnel and transportation for the move. Your coordinator either visits your home directly or works with you using an electronic device for a video walkthrough to generate the plan.

This is an important step because our team will know what to expect on moving day, can plan for any specialized needs, such as packing unique items (pianos, antiques and fine art, among others), and can provide you with a true, binding estimate so there aren’t any surprises on moving day.

Because we are experts in the Orlando area, we will work with you to determine the best date for your local move based on holidays, local events, traffic and peak moving days. Plus, Suddath can also offer pre-move services that can help alleviate moving stress as it relates to your home, such as our Declutter Program and Real Estate Rewards Program.

A thoughtfully planned local moving experience

A positive local move experience begins in the planning stage. With a century of moving experience, we understand that things may change as moving day draws nearer. Our fully-vetted team has had extensive training at Suddath University and the experience to speedily adapt to your needs.

Perhaps you expected more furniture to have sold at your yard sale – but now those pieces are moving with you into your new home. Our expert crew members will help make the necessary adjustments in space and packing to accommodate.

Or maybe you realize that local off-site storage space is now a necessity. Simply work with your move coordinator, and we will safely secure your belongings in our 180,000 square-foot, climate-controlled local facility.

While there may be some unpleasant surprises that pop up during your move, Suddath can offer some helpful surprises – both in cost savings and giving back to the community. Through our partnership with Move For Hunger, we are part of a nation-wide organization of local moving companies working to help fight hunger by collecting non-perishable food items and delivering them to food banks. This discard and donation program is free to customers, and turns every move into an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of people in need.

Our customers could also see a reduction in costs by participating in our packing recycling program. For example, if you return TV boxes, bins, rental wardrobes and more at the end of your move, it could result in a price reduction. Your local Suddath move coordinator will be happy to discuss these value-added services with you.

Local Moving FAQs

1. What should I know about valuation coverage or insurance?

One important thing to note is that valuation coverage is absolutely not the same as insurance. Insurance can be purchased from a company that provides those services, however, moving companies cannot legally sell insurance. Reputable moving companies must offer valuation coverage as mandated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

Valuation coverage offers an established compensation back to the customer if it is determined that goods were lost or damaged during the move, at the fault of the mover. Your local Orlando Suddath branch offers two options. The minimum coverage, at no cost, covers $0.60 per pound per article. We also offer a full value protection plan if you would like to replace or have the item repaired to the condition it was received in. You can learn more about these valuation coverage options from your move coordinator.

Insurance options from a third-party provider may vary. It is important to determine which coverage – valuation vs. insurance – is your best option for your move. Our blog post offers more details about the different types of coverages available.

2. How does Suddath ensure quality and customer satisfaction?

Suddath has spent a century nurturing a culture steeped in a commitment to quality and excellent customer service. Through our rigorous training and safety standards, our team - from drivers and warehouse personnel to customer service staff and field consultants - operates based on the feedback from our customers and are held accountable to the highest standards.

Employee certifications, on-going training hours, and metrics such as delivery times, incident claims, estimate accuracy reports and more, all serve to help Suddath continually improve processes and innovate new methodologies on its quest to perfect the moving process.

Additionally, local branches host monthly safety and quality meetings to review new standards and process improvements. Crews are fully background-checked and receive continual training. We encourage our customers to talk to us, and learn more about our people and the resources that demonstrate how we back up our beliefs and service guarantees.

3. Do you offer different estimate options?

After we survey your home and belongings through a virtual or in-person walkthrough, we then carefully craft a moving plan and provide an estimate to you. Estimates can be drafted in two ways: binding or non-binding.

A binding estimate is the cost of services specified in advance. A non-binding estimate allows for some adjustments due to move uncertainties. Perhaps a member of your family may or may not be making the move with you, so their belongings may or may not be packed or loaded as part of the move. Or, you haven’t yet determined if your extensive patio furniture set will be transferring to your new home at the time of the walkthrough. A non-binding estimate leaves some open options to be decided upon at a later time, which may result in additional charges.

4. What is your process for securing my belongings and protecting my home on move day?

Upon greeting you on moving day, our crew will apply floor coverings for hardwood floors as well as carpets and protect the flooring that will serve as the main thoroughfare for the move. We will wrap banisters and install door-jam covers to avoid nicking and chipping your home’s trim work.

Your furniture and certain items are then wrapped and padded inside the home, and all the homes’ contents are transferred onto the moving truck and packed tightly and securely to avoid shifting during travel. We then reverse order at your destination: protect the home, unload belongings, transfer contents to marked locations in your new home and unwrap furniture in their new spots.

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