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Suddath® has provided top-rated local moving services to Floridians for over 100 years. A mere 20 years after opening our doors in Jacksonville, Suddath opened its second-ever location in Orlando in 1938 – even predating Disney.

The longevity of Suddath and its 5-star reputation are just two of the reasons that Suddath has become a top choice for local moving needs. With Best Moving Company awards, documented industry accreditations, and over 300 positive reviews from Orlando customers, you can rest assured that your home move is in good hands with Suddath.

A less-stressful local move with an award-winning team. As the largest Suddath location in Central Florida, our Orlando branch is also a four-time “Branch of the Year” winner within Suddath, having excelled in local moving, safety, and customer service.

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A Quick Walkthrough and Estimate

The first step to planning your relocation with Suddath is to schedule a walkthrough at a time that works best for you. The walkthrough can be done virtually on your mobile device or with an in-person appointment where one of our team members will come to your home. From start to finish, we want your move in Orlando to be easy and convenient for you, your family and your schedule.

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Dedicated Local Moving Coordinators

Moving is stressful, even for a local move where point A and point B are in close proximity. No matter the distance, local movers at Suddath aim to make this journey as smooth as possible. With a dedicated, single point of contact – your move coordinator – as well as helpful and planning resources, our local moving company can transform this overwhelming moment into the calm transition you deserve. Your move coordinator will plan for any specialized needs, such as packing unique items (pianos, antiques and fine art, among others), and can provide you with a true, binding estimate so there aren’t any surprises on moving day.

Because our local movers are experts in the Orlando area, we will work with you to determine the best date for your local move based on holidays, local events, traffic and peak moving days.

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Professional Packing and Unpacking

Our full-service packing service is great for customers who want to leave every aspect of the move up to Suddath. Our experienced packing team can come in at your convenience and complete all of the packing for you. Alternatively, for those who enjoy the process of packing or simply want to keep the moving budget as low as possible, our local moving company will load and unload while you handle all of the packing and unpacking.

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Safe and Secure Storage

In Orlando, Suddath has 10,000 square feet of climate-controlled storage space. We are able to quickly and securely store your good for either short- and long-term storage and deliver your items to your new home whenever works best for you. In either case, your items will be stored in a fully-enclosed vault within our Orlando warehouse. With vault storage, our warehouse staff will carefully store and pad wrap your valuables in the container to ensure it stays safe and secure until you need it in your new home.

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Piano Moving

Packing, moving, loading, and storing a piano is not a task that requires expertise and a delicate hand. Pianos have a variety of parts that can be irrevocably damaged if they are not handled properly. That’s why Suddath’s team of expert local movers are trained to move pianos safely.

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Custom Crating

Unique items or items that are particularly delicate, fragile or irregularly sized, may require their own tailored, custom crates built to protect these types of items. Our team consists of experts who will take measurements and build a crate to spec to protect these items.

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White-Glove Moving

If you need a no-touch move where every single aspect is handled for you, Suddath can Simply let your dedicated coordinator know that you’d like all of the local moving services necessary to make this a white-glove move for you and your family.

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Storage Services

Our team can carefully store your household goods, even delicate items like antiques or wine collections. Suddath can safely pack, move, and store any of your household goods with white-glove care. Our warehouse has the capability to provide vault, climate-controlled storage for sensitive items.

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Do I need valuation coverage?

We offer two options and you would have to choose what’s the best option for you. If you would like the minimum coverage which is at no cost, that coverage gets you $0.60 per pound per article. It is the most economical option that we have, but it only provides minimal protection.

In addition, our local moving company offers full value protection if you would like to replace or have the item repaired to the condition that we received it in. If something were to be damaged, there is a cost for that but it’s $6.00 per 10,000 lbs. So, if you have a 10,000 lb. shipment for example, you’ll have $60,000 in coverage. Again though, the standard is $0.60 per lb. If something were to get damaged, it would get weighed, multiplied by the $0.60 and that’s what you would be reimbursed for the claim.

What if you break something during my local move? How do I submit a claim?

As a trusted local moving company, we work hard to take care of your items. However, should there be a damaged item, you would get in touch with your Orlando move coordinator and ask for a claims form. You would fill that out and submit it back to them, and then that person will get it to our claims department where it will get assigned to an adjuster, and they will work with you on resolving your claim.

What are my different options for a moving estimate? How can you simplify the process for me?

There are two options. We have a binding estimate, or a binding cost of these services specified in advance, that will give you the cost of the move, and then we have a non-binding estimate. A non-binding is used when you’re not exactly sure what’s moving. For example, you may not know yet if your daughter’s going to move with you, or if the things in the garage are going. Non-binding leaves options open, but there could be additional charges if weight goes higher than anticipated.

What do you do to ensure my items and property are safe and secure during the moving process?

Part of our standard operating procedure at Suddath is, as soon as we come in and meet you, our local movers are going to lay extensive floor protection. If you have hardwood floors, we’re going to put down cardboard, we’re going to wrap banisters, and if you have a main thoroughfare that’s a stairway, it’s going to get carpet shield. We have another neoprene-type rug runner we lay down in the area where we’re going to operate the most, and door jamb covers to make sure doors don’t get chipped up.

We wrap all of your furniture inside of your house before bringing it to the truck, and do the same when we’re at destination making delivery.

Everything comes off the truck padded, into the designated area, unwrapped and placed in your desired location, minimizing the possibility of damages.

Atlas Interstate Agent
Suddath Moving & Storage is a Certified ProMover

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