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Since 1938, Orlando has trusted Suddath® as its top-rated international mover. When you are ready to start the process of relocating overseas, Suddath is here to help make the experience easy and stress-free. To begin the international move process, a team member will meet with you at your convenience, assign an international move coordinator to work with your schedule, and build a moving plan that meets your budgetary needs.

Suddath’s broad range of international moving services supports your needs so you can spend the time leading up to your overseas move stress-free and ready for your new adventure. We can provide a nearly hands-free moving experience for you, able to scale up or down depending on your time and budget. This includes help ensuring all customs paperwork is in order to full-service packing and unpacking, we can make your international move an easy process.

A trusted and accredited international mover. Suddath is certified through the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) certification. That means that Suddath’s international shipments always adhere to the Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) regulations. By receiving this certification, Suddath has proven that we can identify security gaps and implement security measures that protect your items. It’s just one of the ways that Suddath makes sure to prevent issues during your move abroad.

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Flexible Packing and Unpacking

Suddath’s flexible packing and unpacking services allow you to choose the exact services you want without paying for anything you don’t want. Our broad range of services allows for a la carte choices from DIY packing to full-service, no touch packing assistance.

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Inventory Prep for Customs

When moving internationally, it’s essential to start the process with a thorough inventory of your items. Our expert international moving coordinators can assist and determine what items will require special paperwork for customs. Depending on where you are moving, certain items may be prohibited, and having expert inventory prep can be crucial to avoiding customs delays.

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Documentation Prep

When your inventory prep is complete, the next step is to begin preparing all the necessary documents. Your international move coordinator will be with you every step of the way during this process as well. They cannot request the documents for you, but they can provide step-by-step instructions and keep you informed of the clearance status.

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Ocean and Air Freight

For overseas moves, transportation services include air, sea, and land shipments. Depending on your final destination, your belongings may use one or a combination of those methods. Your international move coordinator will review your options with you so that you understand method of transport and timeline.

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Custom Crating

Suddath offers custom crating services for any unique items that will be making the international move with you. We have a team of experts to construct a high-caliber crate with the exact dimensions of your items. They will customize your crate to meet international requirements and withstand any mode of transportation.

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Piano Moving

Our Orlando team moves thousands of pianos every year, across every corner of the globe. We know that international relocation doesn’t have to mean that you leave the music behind. Our international moving services coordinator can arrange for your piano to make the journey with you wherever your next stop is.

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Car Transport

If you would like to take your vehicle with you overseas, understand that it is not out of reach. Just let your international relocation coordinator know. They can develop a plan with our trusted partners to coordinate the shipping and safe arrival of your vehicle.

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Pet Relocation

If you have four-legged family members that will be moving overseas with you, Suddath can help make sure that they are prepared. Different countries have varying requirements for pets, and our experience can help make sure you understand what the move means for your pet.

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Orlando International Movers FAQ

How far in advance should I plan my international move?

Try to book a moving company at least 10 to 12 weeks before your international move date. Remember, overseas moving companies are in especially high demand during the summer months.

Should I insure my items for an international move?

Purchasing a comprehensive international moving insurance policy to protect your goods during transit is highly recommended. Extreme care is taken when packing, loading and moving your items to your new location, however accidents do happen.

A good policy should cover your door-to-door for full replacement value at destination. This value is based on your assessment of what your items would cost to replace. Inquire with your Suddath move coordinator, as we can help facilitate international moving insurance.

What is a high value inventory form?

A high value inventory form is an insurance company form where an individual item, pair or set in excess of $3,000 (or whatever the individual insurance policy dictates) is specifically identified for coverage during the international move.

Can you help me move my pets internationally?

Yes, we can move your pet. Suddath coordinates with various specialist pet relocation companies that provide a quality relocation service for your furry family members. Allow extra time for vaccinations, health certificates, chips, etc. as every country is different and some may require quarantine. Suddath can provide all this information, just allow extra time. With pets, sometimes six months or more of planning is required in advance of packing for an international move.

Can Suddath move my car across borders?

Yes, we can arrange auto transport services and vehicle transport services. It’s as simple as providing your Suddath move coordinator with the year, make and model of the vehicle. From there, we can check to ensure your car is authorized and allowed to be shipped to your country of destination, secure a vehicle transport quote and advise you of your costs and regulations. One thing to remember—don’t leave personal items in your vehicle. It needs to be empty of everything other than the standard items it came with from the dealership when first purchased.

Can I choose any day to pack/load items?

Your goods can be moved on any date you choose. Weekdays are best, as there can be additional costs associated with weekend or holiday moves. Try to plan accordingly and work closely with your move coordinator for more ideas on how to avoid additional costs, and please note that some countries require two weeks or more to secure an international shipping container.

The delivery date at destination will depend on the size of your shipment, sailing schedules of the steamship lines between ports and finally, customs clearance procedures and the destination agent’s availability. Once a pack date is determined at origin, estimated transit time will be calculated and advised.

What if you break something during my overseas move?

Suddath takes many precautions and train our teams with certified international packing standards to ensure your belongings arrive on time and without damage. However, our claims team is here to start the settlement process in the unlikely event that something gets damaged during your international move. Your agreed upon insurance coverage will determine the settlement for any potential claims The claims filing process can be easily completed online.

How much does it cost to move internationally?

Move cost is determined based on weight/volume. There are many factors that go into determining the cost of your move abroad, but the weight of your items is the biggest.

Other factors that might influence cost are:

• Specialized moving services that may be required
• If any of your items need custom crating
• Shipment destination
• Specialized access needs

Your move coordinator can discuss these costs with you and determine if there are any factors that would put additional cost onto your move.

What items can’t be shipped internationally?

There are some general items that cannot be shipped, international or otherwise. For example, plants, paint cans or ammunition, to name a few. Make sure you understand what cannot be shipped ahead of time and speak with your Suddath move coordinator for any items that may be specific to the country or region you are relocating to. For example, places like Australia, Singapore and China have stricter rules than others, and ignoring these rules can create delays at customs or even hefty fines.

Do I pay duties & taxes on my international move?

It depends on where you are moving. In most countries, if you have owned items for more than six months, or sometimes a year, you do not. However, some countries have different rules for expats vs returning nationals. Your Suddath move coordinator will provide specific, up-to-date customs regulations for your country of destination.

Do I pay state sales tax on my international move?

As this is considered an international service, you do not pay local state taxes on your expatriate move if it is out of the United States. Your Suddath move coordinator will provide additional information on the overseas moving process and rules at your country of destination, to help you understand if you will be subject to any taxes or fees in your country of origin or destination.

Can I store my household goods overseas?

Yes. Suddath has a network of trusted, accredited partners with approved household goods storage facilities around the world. Your household goods can be held for just a few days or as long as you need.

How can I track my international move online?

As a true, specialized international moving company, Suddath provides password protected access to our online tracking system to view the status of you move.

Tracking your overseas move online is something to help you feel at ease with the status of your move at any one time but is of course only part of a personalized experience. Your Suddath move coordinator will keep you fully up-to-date with key milestones and you will be proactively prompted to complete all tasks required for a seamless experience.

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