Don't Risk a Lifetime of Belongings to Just Anyone

For 100 years, our Suddath® customers have found a commitment to quality and the highest standards for their long distance move.

Backed by numerous awards, community involvement, accreditations and a national Google Reviews score of 4.6/5.0 for Orlando customers, our company strives to exceed expectations and provide you with the best moving experience from the initial estimating process to the final delivery at your destination.

Benefits of choosing Suddath for your long distance move include:

  • Complete in-home assessments and protection processes on moving day
  • An expertly trained moving team of drivers, packers, and support staff
  • A single point of contact during your entire cross-country move
  • Size, reach and strong partner networks
  • Competitive rates

Most of all, we offer you peace of mind, knowing that your belongings are being handled with care during their long-distance journey. Our van operators, assistants, packers and customer service members are all trained in-house at our own Suddath University, learning our time-tested methods for packing and protecting your home.

Suddath’s commitment to efficiency and moving excellence transfers to our partners as well, who are instrumental in helping us deliver long distance moving services. Your moving process will begin with our local Suddath moving team in Orlando. To ensure that we can take you anywhere you need to go across the country, we have a long-standing relationship with America's #1 van line and agent network, United Van Lines.

Our partner network offers 600 agent locations and services 180,000 moves annually. Through United, we can ensure that the member we partner with to complete your move has similar Suddath values and most importantly, participates in training, background-checking, and screenings that we also require. Incorporating the same high safety and quality standards Suddath is known for is a must for anyone we partner with.


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Our goal is to be the easiest moving company to work with. To get started, select one of three methods to obtain a moving quote that fits within your schedule and level of effort.



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A less stressful long-distance move – for both you, and your budget

We know that moving is considered the third most stressful time in a person's life; long-distance moving can often compound those stress levels. While you manage checklists and timelines for planning your move, attending to your budget is a top priority as well. At Suddath, we provide a high-quality move with people you can trust - at a price that is often equal or less than other lower-quality movers in the market.

There are several ways our team will work with you to reduce cost. For example, flexibility with dates can be a budget-friendly option. Combined with the use of Suddath's small shipment program that allows for reduced transit times, temporary lodging costs can be decreased as well.

We also alleviate some stress by providing you with a single point of contact to help manage your move. Your Suddath move coordinator will be available through the whole process - managing details and freeing up your time so that you can attend to the personal aspects and life changes that come with moving long distance.

Customizable and flexible moving services

Since 1938, we have served the Orlando area with both local and long-distance moving needs, cultivating a relationship of trust with our clients and within the community.

The Suddath team is here to help solve problems – and treat your items with respect and care during the long trip ahead. We have moved everything from A to Z through our history, and have often developed innovative and unique methods to accommodate transporting unusual items. We have even been trusted to move Mickey Mouse himself long distance – well, actually 75 priceless statues of Mickey, but you can read more about that here.

Larger, big ticket items like pianos, fine art, wine collections, cars and boats are handled safely and securely with their delivery efficiently managed through your detailed moving plan.

Suddath is an expert in planning for the unplanned and seamlessly adjusting your move process accordingly. A common area where needs quickly change is with storage. In our 180,000-square foot storage warehouse in the Orlando area, we can accommodate short- and long-term storage needs quickly and efficiently, providing 24/7 monitoring and climate-controlled options to keep your household goods safe.

Your move coordinator will offer tips that will help you plan for any occurrence, from selecting the right move date to monitoring the journey for schedule changes that may arise along the way. Road conditions, holiday travel, weather and more can all impact your moving schedule despite the best planning. At Suddath, our support staff is digitally keeping track of your items in our system and is always in direct contact with your driver so we can make you aware of any changes as soon as possible.

Long-Distance Moving FAQs

1. What are some things I should look for when evaluating potential moving companies?

Through researching and referrals, it is important that the long distance moving company you choose meets all compliance and regulation standards in the industry. At a minimum, it is important to make sure that your moving company has a valid DOT number on the FMSCA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) official website, as this is a requirement for all commercial carrier vehicles. Documentation for accreditations, certifications, insurance and claims policies should be readily available for review.

The estimating process is also important – reputable and established moving companies are required to survey a home before a move to properly plan for transportation and personnel needed on moving day. Ballpark figures are not reliable when it comes to a complex long-distance move; if a moving company is not committing to a price or to generating an itemized moving list, this should raise some questions.

Finally, information from the Better Business Bureau, user reviews from trusted sources such as Google, and industry accolades via prominent Awards and recognition organizations can also help influence your selection process.

2. Is a walkthrough necessary?

A walkthrough, whether in-person or via a virtual source, is crucial to the planning process. In fact, moving companies are legally required to do a walkthrough with you in order to give you a binding quote. This is because it is difficult to accurately estimate the costs and time needed to move a home sight-unseen, and it allows you to be sure that you understand the true cost of your long distance move before hiring us.

At Suddath, there are two options for an in-home survey of your home to help us properly estimate your move. At your convenience and by your choice, our representative will perform either:

  • An in-person home survey
  • A virtual walkthrough

The virtual walkthrough can be done easily from your phone or tablet. This has become a welcomed, time-saving option for many customers because of the convenience it affords to their schedule. You arrange a time that is optimal for you with little interruptions where a representative can survey your home using an application similar to FaceTime or Skype. The move coordinator is guided through your home via a video-view to assess the layout, contents of your home and to understand any unique needs you may have.

We can then plan for the equipment and personnel needed to accommodate the transporting of your belongings. The more we can plan, the better we can save time and increase efficiencies for a successful move.

3. I have a lot to do for my cross-country move. Do you help with packing?

At Suddath, we offer a number of packing options and combinations to help with your moving process.

For full-service packing, we use high-quality materials and proven techniques, which are all employed by our experienced, background-checked and fully trained crew of professional movers who are charged with packing your home.

We also offer partial packing services as well as DIY options. In our partial packing service, we pack only the items you would like our help with. Or because you may like to pack your belongings yourself, we offer DIY-ers packing tips and suggestions for packing materials. Both instances offer you budget flexibility and savings, and of course, we will still wrap and pad your furniture on move day.

Ask your move coordinator about unpacking options as well. There are a number of ways we can help you get set up in your new home, by simply placing boxes or fully unpacking them.

4. A dependable moving team is important to me. How does Suddath ensure the best people are on the job?

Yes. We have solutions for moving the family car and the family pet!

Our century of experience has been built on the commitment we make to people every day, that their belongings will make the long journey across the country safe and sound to their new home. That’s why we put so much work into the training and qualifications of all our people.

Our drivers, crew members, corporate, customer service and field personnel are well trained in their respective positions, acquiring important industry certifications and designations, as well as the necessary training hours that are part of the Suddath tradition.

Our team keeps current with all new safety standards through regularly scheduled quality and safety meetings as well as any new methodologies and practices that improve the moving process for our customers. Plus, any service partners involved in your move are viewed as an extension of our team, and they are carefully vetted for best-in-class service and safety within their business domains.

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