Office Move Checklist: Know Your Vendors

This office move checklist will help you identify which vendors (or internal resources) to coordinate with for a successful workplace relocation.

Space planning

A professional space planner can help choose a location and design a layout for all types of office moves. Space planners determine needs for each employee, provide architectural drawings of the proposed space and determine the cost of that space per employee. Professional configuration of the space should meet your current needs and allow for anticipated growth.

Furniture consultation and installation

A professional furniture planner will help you determine whether you should use your existing furniture or purchase new furniture. The next step for this part of the office move checklist is hiring a furniture installation vendor.

Data center

Supplement your IT teams with data center relocation experts who have the equipment, skills and certifications to move sensitive equipment, and to perform backups, new configurations and cabling.

Network and workstations

You’ll also want internal teams or qualified external vendors to review the network to see if upgrades are required, complete test backups and prepare servers—followed by the process of moving, unpacking and restarting servers; setting up workstations and peripherals; and even connecting cables.

Telephone and data lines

Start talking to telecom vendors early in the process. This part of the move generally requires long lead times. 


Electricians will need to make sure outlets are operational and in the right place. These vendors will need to work with the space planner and with furniture specialists.


Security vendors will have to move or reinstall systems and make any changes required to fit the new space.


At the end of your move, it’s important to remember surplus furniture, technology equipment and miscellaneous refuse. Many companies forget this step and can get charged by the landlord or in worst case scenarios, face lawsuits for customer information that has not been properly disposed of.

Office movers and move planners

At last it’s time to consider the actual packing, transportation, unpacking and installation of equipment, furniture and furnishings in your new space. Some office movers will not only provide moving services, but other services within this office move checklist.

Other potential vendors you may need to coordinate with include

Audio visual consultants

If you have AV equipment set up currently, you’ll want to find the most efficient way to move your equipment.

Janitorial services

Notify your current vendor or find one for your new location.

Secure document destruction and removal services

Old and unneeded files must be handled properly, or you could leave millions on the table.

Interior and exterior signage vendors

Remove old signage and replace or relocate the signage at the new location.

Vending machine vendors

Stop service at your old location and start it at your new one.

Plant watering

If you currently have a service or want one for your new location, this is something to consider.


Companies such as the US Postal Service, FedEx and UPS need to be notified regarding when to stop picking up and delivering packages at the old location and when to start at the new one.

Contract management

With so many vendors to manage, have a point of contact to oversee all contracts to make sure that the vendors are in compliance and are meeting your needs and expectations.

We’re happy to speak with you about needs that come up in preparation for an office move. Contact us about office move planning.