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Planning an office move or reengineering your space can be overwhelming. From office space plans and seating assignments to employee communication and arrangements for surplus furniture, there are a lot of moving pieces that must be managed. That’s why Suddath® offers more than typical commercial moving companies to help ensure a successful project before a single item is moved through our professional space planning and office move planning services.

When you partner with us, you have access to an extensive range of services to reduce the internal resources you need to dedicate to planning an office move, enabling your teams to stay focused on core business operations. Through our expanded menu of services, you can get a complete relocation solution that includes professional office planning services for well below the cost of hiring an outside management company or devoting internal resources to the project. Because we move more businesses than anyone in America, you can have peace of mind our professional office move planning experts are using tested and proven solutions to streamline your office move.

When you work with us you benefit from:
  • Expert variable planning resources to keep your people focused on core responsibilities
  • Working with one office move planner for all aspects of the relocation from beginning to end
  • One-stop-shop simplicity for office move planning and relocation services
  • Complete solutions to plan space, manage furniture, prepare employees and clear vacated spaces
  • Proven tools and techniques
  • On-site move coordination solutions for enhanced support
  • Significant cost savings versus outside management companies and internal resources
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Modern Office Mover

Although Suddath started as a traditional moving company, we’ve broadened our services well beyond moving. Years ago, our teams consisted of drivers and movers. Now, our teams have licensed interior designers and professional office space planners.

Yesterday, the tools of the trade were trucks and moving equipment. Today, our tools include AutoCAD design software, digital move planning applications and modern communication tools to provide more strategic value through professional planning services.

Professional Planning Services

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Office Space Planning and Furniture Layouts

Companies that want to repurpose furniture in a new office or reconfigure their space struggle to find affordable design services. Moving furniture from one place to another takes detailed planning, organization and skill to properly design furniture for reuse. Although most architectural and design firms are experts in high level space planning, they often need assistance with technical furniture planning to ensure they have the right parts and pieces to achieve the desired fit and functionality in the new space.

Suddath has licensed furniture experts to help you plan space and furnishings in your new location. Our space and furniture planning services can be delivered independently, and we also regularly work in partnership with our customers’ interior designers to augment the team with furniture expertise. Office space planning services include:

  • Audit existing spaces, update floorplans and occupancy data with innovative technology
  • Prepare detailed furniture inventory and assessment
  • Verify dimensions and room layouts in the new space
  • Review departmental alignments for the new space
  • Scenario planning and test fits to optimize space and performance
  • Space programming
  • Floorplans and installation drawings for new space
  • Arrangement of additional parts, pieces, repairs, cleaning and installation

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Office Move Planning Services

Your employees are your greatest asset and business continuity is your lifeblood. Our professional office move planning solutions make sure you have the right plan and communication to maintain morale and productivity.

As America’s largest commercial mover, we know what works. Our office move planning solutions leverage our expertise and technology to take the guesswork out of the process. We follow a proven process to identify constraints and dependencies and bring you award-winning technology to reduce planned downtime by as much as 50%, generating significant savings by enabling you to maximize core business operations and revenue-producing activities.

As your office moving plan is developed, we systematically communicate with your departments and employees to ensure alignment around timelines, roles and responsibilities, and we provide a digital framework that identifies and addresses unplanned issues long before employees return to work on the first day after a move. Our planning solutions also provide your employees easy digital access to support should they experience any challenges in the new space. Our office move planning services include:

Preparing your employees:
  • Employee move training and ongoing communications
  • Distribution of pre-printed move labels and instructions
  • Spring cleaning, purging, shredding and records management
  • New workspace readiness assessments and preparations
Building your move plan:
  • Occupancy review, departmental interviews and physical alignment adjustments
  • Comprehensive furniture, fixture and equipment inventory
  • Move sequencing and phase planning
  • Seating assignments and common area planning
  • Move “to/from” list development
  • Building notifications, reservations and security clearances
During your move and beyond:
  • On-site move coordination support
  • Vendor management and internal support coordination
  • Post-move help desk support

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Vacated Spaces and Surplus Assets Management

It is a best practice to start planning for vacated spaces and surplus assets at the same time move planning begins. Early planning ensures that you meet all the space turnover requirements in your lease and gives you time to find the most financially and environmentally responsible solutions for your surplus assets. As part of Suddath’s professional move planning solutions, we offer comprehensive support to manage vacated space preparations including surplus asset removal, resale, recycle, donation and disposal.

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