Vacated Space Solutions

Professional Planning for Surplus Assets and Decommissioning

With the complexity of a move, it is easy to overlook office furniture liquidation, decommissioning and move out cleaning services for your old space. However, it is important to understand your lease requirements regarding the condition of your vacated space, and to start planning for surplus furniture, fixtures and equipment early. At Suddath®, we help reduce the cost and risk associated with space turnover by providing professional planning to help you resell, donate, recycle or dispose of your surplus assets in the most economically and environmentally responsible manner possible.

We help customers reduce cost and risk by:
  • Ensuring systematic removal of confidential data and the hardware that holds it
  • Helping customers meet space turnover requirements on time
  • Strategically planning for surplus furniture, fixtures and equipment
  • Finding economically and environmentally responsible ways to resell, donate, recycle or dispose of surplus assets
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Vacated Space Services

We provide professional planning, as well as the labor, equipment and transportation you need to meet your deadlines and properly dispose of confidential documents and data equipment often found in vacated spaces. Our services include:

  • Comprehensive property, furniture and equipment inventory
  • Furniture and electronics valuation, liquidation, donation, recycling and disposal
  • Removal of confidential information from electronics, furniture and vacated spaces
  • Removal of surplus furniture, fixtures, equipment and data cabling
  • Fixed asset reporting for asset retirements and compliance
  • Move in and move out cleaning, repairs, painting and signage removal
  • On-site space turnover support

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