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Your Trusted Resource for Electronics Recycling Projects

Whether you’re moving an office, downsizing your commercial footprint or switching to a hybrid environment, Suddath® offers complete solutions for electronics recycling projects. With 100 years of experience as a trusted commercial partner, we ensure secure transportation and chain of custody control over your assets. Focused on landfill avoidance and carbon footprint reduction, our vetted network of processors make it easier to remove e-waste while meeting your business goals, and even provide opportunities to add to your bottom line.

Our customers benefit from:
  • Reduced cost and complexity by working with a single vendor for recycling e-waste and other commercial services
  • Minimized expense by consolidating e-waste at our secure facilities before transporting to processors
  • Access to vetted network of recycling processor partners, and ability to work with your preferred vendor
  • Simplification of the e-waste process with a single point of contact
  • National footprint with locations and partners around the country
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E-Waste Disposal Services

All e-waste recycling services take place in our recycling partners’ facilities with certified ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 systems in place. Certificates of data destruction and DOD (Department of Defense) wipes are available.

  • Project management
  • Electronics disposal or recycling through vetted partners
  • Secure transportation and storage in our owned facilities
  • Logistics coordination

Why Choose Suddath

Save Money with a Single Vendor

Working with too many vendors during a commercial project can be time consuming and costly. At Suddath, we offer a complete menu of commercial moving services combined with electronics recycling and data destruction help maximize your budget and streamline communication for a better experience and reduced expense.

Secure Transportation

When relocating equipment with proprietary information, your company data can be at risk of being lost or sold without permission. With over 100 years in the moving and logistics industry, Suddath is an organization you can trust to handle your sensitive data with care and follow your compliance procedures. We provide:

  • Detailed reports for all products, including relocated and recycled
  • Inventories that can be uploaded to our Tracker application, including photos
  • Validation of asset manifests at origin and destination to match model, serial numbers, condition and quantities
  • Safe and reliable transportation of all products to our secured facilities
  • Secure, locked, and GPS tracked trailers for added security
  • Certificates of guaranteed data destruction

Landfill Avoidance for E-Waste Removal

Recycling e-waste can help reduce your carbon footprint, as well as help save your company from hefty fines. We partner with certified recycling processors who offer downstream vendor reporting for insight at every stage of the process and can customize the results to share back with your organization.

Suddath partners with national vendors that can refurbish used equipment to donate back into the communities. We also offer options to coordinate reuse with business colleagues for work at home use and can schedule donations to local non-profit organizations in need, obtaining legal releases and disposition forms for tax exemption purposes.

National Reach

Inconsistency working with multiple companies for projects in several locations can lead to inconsistencies across your business. At Suddath, we have nearly 20 locations and relationships with recyclers around the country. That means we deliver consistent solutions and standardized processes that can be applied wherever you need us.


What is e-waste recycling?

E-waste recycling is the process of responsibly removing valuable elements from e-waste to reuse for other electronic products. In disposing of e-waste, a certified e-waste recycler strips end-of-life electronics into small parts, recycling or reselling parts, and discarding additional materials.

How to dispose of electronic waste?

To properly dispose of e-waste, work with an electronic disposal company that encompasses local and state e-waste disposal laws, are e-waste certified vendors, prioritize data security in hard drive destruction, and can handle large quantities of electronic items.

A commercial services and e-waste partner, like Suddath, can help facilitate an exclusive e-waste disposal plan that collects electronic waste, relocates e-waste safely via GPS-tracked and secure transportation, and ensures all e-waste is destroyed responsibly and stamped with a certification of data destruction.

How to recycle e-waste?

Because of the toxic substances and data storage present in electronic waste, it’s crucial to recycle e-waste with a dedicated e-waste recycling company that has the resources, certification, and state-regulated processes to handle hazardous, also valuable, materials and appropriately disposition extractions.

Following Suddath’s e-waste guide, learn to design an e-waste recycling plan that involves effective communication strategy and e-waste collection ideal for your environment.

What is considered e-waste?

End-of-life equipment or electronics such as TVs, laptops, LED monitors, desk phones, cell phones, tablets, printers and server racks are examples of e-waste.

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