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Hybrid Workplace Solutions

The way the world works drastically shifted for many in 2020, and the office landscape will never be the same. Today, businesses are looking at long-term plans for more flexible workplaces, including transitioning to a hybrid in-office and remote work environment. During this transition, many find there is a gap in the assumed state of workstations and the reality of their current office. Unregulated seating, multiple people assigned to a single workstation, past employee items left at workstations and missing equipment are some of the challenges companies are facing.

At Suddath® we have office moving services, experience and technology to make your transition to a hybrid workplace seamless. We help assess your workplace, collect critical data and then plan and execute services to reduce cost and complexity while safely and successfully bringing employees back into the office.

Our customers benefit from:

  • Industry-leading technology to give you an accurate inventory of current furniture and technology items
  • Complete menu of pre-move, office reconfiguration and desktop technology services to simplify your office transition and limit the vendors you need to manage
  • Systematic approach to planning, packing and relocating workstations for a consistent solution in multiple locations
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More Visibility and Control Over Occupancy

As you’re planning for your employees return to work, you’ll need to create an updated occupancy report. Companies are dealing with undocumented changes, making it complicated to know where employees are sitting, what equipment is at workstations and if any issues need to be resolved before a workstation can be occupied. Suddath’s new proprietary technology, Tracker Occupancy, gives you complete inventory, space and occupancy information faster with the ability to instantly access reports and manage your return to office project digitally from anywhere. Benefits include:

  • Interactive checklists with real-time occupancy and inventory records
  • Instant access to critical information including digital photos and status of workstations
  • More control over compliance and regulations, with reduced risk through enhanced security

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Hybrid Office Services

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Pre-Move Planning

  • Seat audits to verify occupants and contents
  • Space planning and furniture layouts
  • Move planning
  • Headcount confirmation
  • Surplus asset planning, cleaning and decommissioning
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Workstation Services

  • Space reconfiguration
  • Workstation packing
  • Furniture disassembly, installation, reconfiguration, repairs, adjustments and cleaning
  • IT inventory, and disconnect and reconnect
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Warehousing and Temporary Storage

  • Short-term storage capacity to support the continuity of your business
  • Digital warehouse management system for visibility to inventory
  • Nationwide reach for multiple location support


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