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Your peace of mind is a top priority in everything we do, because we know it is directly connected to our ability to safely and securely move your belongings.

Suddath® is proud to provide fully-vetted drivers, who are fully background-checked, drug screened, and who have been through thorough training at our own Suddath University. Even our crew members go through over 250 hours of mentored training to learn our procedures for packing and moving customers. We know that moving locally can become extremely costly to both your budget and peace of mind if the team you’ve chosen isn’t experienced and properly trained. That is why we invest the time, effort and cost into ensuring that you can feel comfortable opening your home up to a Suddath crew.

Suddath has been providing award-winning local moving services for over 100 years. That’s a full century of experience and commitment that we bring to every move we make. It’s these generations of wisdom that have made moving locally with Suddath a top choice all over the country.

It’s also why our customers consistently give us 5-star reviews, making us one of the highest-rated local movers in Minneapolis. We are so highly rated locally that the Vikings trusted us to move the organization from Winter Park into their new headquarters in Eden Prairie.

When you are preparing for a move, even if it is only locally, you need more than just a couple of guys with a truck. You need a team of professionals who know how to maneuver sharp turns without damaging your belongings, move coordinators who know how to handle issues like parking permits in high-traffic locations, and a team with dedicated training to keep your items safe. We don’t just move your things. We protect your belongings and your peace of mind by putting a seasoned, trained, and educated team to work for you.

Minneapolis/St. Paul

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Our goal is to be the easiest moving company to work with. To get started, select one of three methods to obtain a moving quote that fits within your schedule and level of effort.



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A single-point-of-contact coordinating your local move

Because Suddath has been in business for so long, we’ve developed the services we know mean the most to our customers. We assign each of our customers a local moving coordinator, who will help you develop a personalized move plan, and will review all of the services we offer to help you choose the most meaningful options for your move.

You move coordinator will also act as your single point of contact and will be the first and only person you need to call if you have questions throughout the moving process. These are trained and tenured members of our team who will help you implement a moving plan that fits your needs perfectly. Your local move coordinator will also help you create a checklist and keep you up-to-date on all of the details of your move.

For example, if your schedule or other limitations mean that you need help packing, our full-service packing service will make sure that your move is lift-free for you. For customers with a shortlist of items they’d prefer a little help with, our partial packing service is the perfect option -- you simply tell us which items you don’t want to pack yourself, and we’ll do it for you. Of course, there is always a DIY option for customers who would like to handle all of their packing on their own.

Flexible and secure short- and long-term storage to fit any need

Moving locally is usually a pretty simple task. However, there are times during a local move when Minneapolis residents need to store some or all of their belongings in the between or after their local moving processes.

Whatever your storage needs may be, Suddath has options that are affordable and flexible to suit your needs. We have over 3 million square feet of storage facilities across the country, and our warehouse in Eden Prairie features which all feature 24/7 monitoring and is are climate- controlled year-round, staying a moderate temperature for your most sensitive items.

If your initial local moving plan changes unexpectedly, we have you covered. Suddath our local moving team has the ability to quickly change plans and reroute your items whenever necessary. Your move coordinator will help you determine which of our storage options will work best for you and coordinate either short-term or long-term storage services.

Local Moving FAQs

1. How do I get an estimate for my local move?

We offer both in-home surveys and virtual walkthroughs to provide estimates for local moves. Your local move coordinator will walk through your home with you room by room to assess what needs to be moved. They will perform the walk-through at a time that is convenient for you. If you choose an in-home estimate, we will set an appointment with you at your home. If you prefer our virtual walkthrough, you will simply use your smartphone or tablet to give our team a video walkthrough of your home.

Once the walk-through of your choice is complete, you will have two options:

  • A non-binding estimate - this estimate is based on the total weight of your shipment. Keep in mind that we will not know the exact weight until moving day when all your items are loaded onto the truck.
  • A binding estimate - the cost of your move is provided upfront. So, if the final weight is above or below the estimate, you will only pay the rate we quoted to you.

2. How can I be sure I’m hiring a trustworthy local moving company?

We’re glad you’re asking this question. It’s unfortunate, but the reality is that there are many moving companies that are not properly insured, especially for local moves. Pay close attention to the quote process. All moving companies must perform a home walkthrough prior to the day of your move. It is not legal to provide a quote without performing a walkthrough and survey. If the company is unwilling to commit to a specific price or if they offer vague pricing options, we recommend finding a different moving company in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area.

Perform online research through reputable, third-party websites. Once you have read through Google reviews, visit the websites of independent organizations like the Better Business Bureau (“BBB”). They can verify that the companies you are considering are established and accredited. The BBB website provides access to complaints and responses from the moving company. This can provide insight into how the company responds when their customers are unhappy with the services they received.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, or FMCSA, is another valuable source of information. This organization’s job is to make sure that all commercial carrier vehicles that meet certain requirements have a Department of Transportation (DOT) number. Once you have the DOT number, head over to the FMCSA website and look up the moving company’s compliance. You can also ask the moving company directly for their (DOT) number.

Finally, be sure to ask your mover for a record of all of the accreditations they have earned and the industry associations they have. Don’t forget to request their insurance information to be sure it’s up to date. Any reputable moving company is accustomed to supplying this information to its customers and will do so willingly.

3. Do I need valuation coverage?

You will be automatically provided with a $0.60 per lb. valuation, free of charge. However, we are happy to provide additional valuation coverage to every customer that wants more protection. One thing you should keep in mind is that valuation coverage is not insurance. In order to procure insurance for your move, you will need to work through a licensed insurance company.

Learn more about your valuation coverage options in our blog post on the subject.

4. How far in advance should I start looking for a moving company?

Ideally, we recommend that you begin the process no later than two months before your desired move date. It’s not uncommon for things to change once you begin the process and starting in advance will give you plenty of time to manage any unexpected issues or developments.

Have less time than that before you need to move? Don’t worry. Our team in Minneapolis has over a century of local moving experience, we can help you get where you need to go.

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