Embark on a Long-Distance Move with a Trusted Partner

With a 100-year history of moving people throughout the nation, Suddath® is proud of its long-standing reputation of providing best-in-class long distance move services.

With a 4.8 national Google rating, Suddath continues to exceed expectations, beginning with the most convenient estimating process to the successful delivery at your destination. “Best Moving Company” awards across Florida and the country, top Better Business Bureau ratings and thousands of satisfied customer reviews all add to the Suddath story of exceptional service.

We owe that great reputation and top-service status to the performance of our teams. Our van operators, assistants, packers and customer service members are all trained in-house at our own Suddath University, learning our time-tested methods for packing your belongings, protecting your home and creating a stress-free moving experience.

Your long-distance moving process will begin with our local Suddath moving branch in The Villages, Ocala and surrounding region. Since no single moving company has the capacity for branches in every city across the country, to ensure that we can take you anywhere you need to go across the nation, we have a long-standing relationship with America's #1 van line and agent network, United Van Lines.

Our partner network offers 600 agent locations and services 180,000 moves annually. Through United, we can ensure that the member we partner with to complete your move shares Suddath values and most importantly, participates in the required training, background-checking, and screenings. Emanating the high safety and quality standards Suddath is known for is a top requirement for all our partners.

This moving protocol also applies to those individuals seeking The Villages as their destination. Ranked as one of the best places to retire in the country, this 55-plus community has essentially become a city of its own. Suddath can lead your successful relocation to The Villages from any starting point across the nation through the use of the aforementioned elaborate network of trusted partners.

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A wide array of customizable services

Flexible moving services, experienced staff, and established United Van Lines partners are just some of the reasons why Suddath is synonymous with reliability in the moving industry.

For over a decade, we have served the The Villages, Ocala and the surrounding area with local, international and long-distance moving needs. With Suddath, you can expect a moving experience that follows all industry regulations and mandates and adheres to critical safety and quality standards. We have set the bar high, while also focusing on those “extras” that help deliver a more customer-centric experience such as:

  • Concierge moving with a dedicated move coordinator as your single-point-of-contact
  • Declutter services to stage your home for a quick sale
  • Discard and donate programs like Move For Hunger to help your community
  • A packing menu for DIY, full, and partial options
  • A-Z specialty moving expertise for items from boats to pianos

Trained for moves ranging from small apartments to large estates requiring special oversight and care, our fully-vetted crew keeps your satisfaction a top priority. Moving is stressful enough – Suddath aims to reduce that stress and provide solutions to any issues that may arise.

Your dedicated move coordinator will manage the moving process, including schedule, especially when relocating to or from far-away destinations. Road conditions, holiday travel, weather and more are accounted for and addressed promptly. Plus, your coordinator will be tracking your items digitally so that you are always aware of the transportation status.

A convenient way to start your moving process

Once you have made the decision to venture to a new location, the next important step is to start your estimating process with a reputable company. With Suddath, you will receive a free, no-obligation moving estimate from experienced professionals.

To get started, we must assess the contents of your home and gather the details of your move. We perform this survey through two options:

  • An in-person home walkthrough
  • A virtual walkthrough

The virtual walkthrough can be done easily from your phone or tablet. This is a time-saving option for many customers. You select a time that is convenient for you with little interruptions where a representative can survey your home using an application similar to FaceTime or Skype as you guide them through. You can choose to have a representative visit your home directly as well.

During the survey, we ask pertinent questions, create a detailed, itemized list of your belongings, and identify any unique circumstances that a crew may encounter on moving day that we can plan for.

In either scenario, the more we can plan, the better we can save time and increase efficiencies for a successful move. You can expect to receive an accurate and transparent estimate, that covers all the details of your move.

Long-Distance Moving FAQs

1. Moving long-distance is a major life change. What are some things I should consider in a moving company to ensure they are right for the job?

As you research potential movers, make sure to keep a chart of what you learn about each company you interview for easy comparison. Here are a few items to check off on your list:

  • It is important to make sure that your moving company has a valid Department of Transportation (DOT) number on the FMSCA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) official website, as this is a requirement for all commercial carrier vehicles.
  • Review the company’s online presence. Websites should be updated and include important information about their services and of course all contact information should be valid like phone numbers, email addresses. etc. Check other trusted sources such as Google reviews, the Better Business Bureau and other industry moving directories for any details, commentary and data that could provide more insight into the company.
  • Ensure documentation for accreditations, certificates, and insurance policies can be provided. Confirm that they offer valuation coverage and understand the claims process for damaged and lost goods.
  • Insist they offer a true walkthrough, whether in-person or via a virtual source. A moving company neglecting to survey the contents of your home can be a red flag.

2. What packing options do you offer?

At Suddath, we offer a number of packing options and combinations including full, partial and DIY to help with your moving process. We can even help you unpack as well.

Our crew is trained on special packing and crating methods using high-quality materials to help pack even your most precious belongings. With full-service, we take care of all the packing for you with our high-quality materials.

If you feel that you may want to pack some items yourself, but have us pack others, we can offer a partial-packing service. For our DIY customers who wish to pack on their own, we can offer packing tips and suggestions for packing materials. Both instances offer budget flexibility and savings, and of course, we will still wrap and pad your furniture on move day.

3. How you do ensure the safety and security of my goods during the moving process?

During a walkthrough of your home, we compile a detailed inventory of your items. No matter the packing option you choose, we still log and mark all contents in the home with identification details and future room location. We will also note any existing damages or special indicators attributed to your items so that we have a record of their condition prior to the move.

Before physical moving begins, we prep your home to minimize any potential damage by protecting the floors, door trim-work, and banisters. We wrap and pad furniture and other items and then systematically begin emptying the contents of your home into our moving truck. The items will be loaded into the truck carefully, and tightly, so as to avoid any shifting while traveling. As road travel begins, our support staff will continue to monitor the trip for timing and keep track of the items digitally.

Once we arrive at the final destination, we essentially reverse order: protect the new home, carefully unload the truck contents, place labeled items in their marked locations and unwrap furniture. If we are helping you unpack as part of your estimate, we will proceed with that next task. Finally, we clean-up our equipment and supplies.

Keep in mind, there are some potential cost-savings if you elect to be part of our recyclable program, where we will collect some packing items such as TV boxes, bins and wardrobe boxes for future use.

4. Can I choose any day to load my belongings?

Yes. Working with your dedicated move coordinator, you can determine the moving schedule and definitive dates. It’s important to note that cost is a factor in determining availability. High-demand dates may increase costs, especially if they are during peak moving season (May through August). Weekends will generally affect cost as well.

Your move coordinator will have insight into what days will fit best into your budget and timeline. Flexibility for loading dates is something to be considered for potential cost savings.

In all scenarios, your move coordinator will work with you to find a day that works for both your family and your budget, whether you require a very specific date or have some leeway with your schedule.

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