Less Stressful Long-Distance Moves

Moving long distance requires adapting to a lot of change. Through that process, it can be critical to have a steady hand helping and guiding you.

Our goal is to simplify the moving process from the initial estimation process all the way through to final delivery. That is why all Suddath® moves are supported by a dedicated move coordinator, so you can focus more on your new home and less on the details.

We understand that most people don’t move across long distances very often. This means your needs will be slightly unpredictable. If what your move requires changes suddenly, Suddath has the resources to accommodate for it without delay. For example, if your home sells more quickly than you anticipate and you need short-term storage, we can quickly mobilize our team and temporarily store your items in our 85,000 square foot, climate-controlled St. Petersburg warehouse.


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Flexible Services Customized to Your Needs

Our 100 years of moving experience, customizable moving services and extensively trained employees are just some of the reasons Suddath has become the reliable name for moving services in the Tampa-St. Petersburg area over the decades we have been in the community. We have developed a trust with customers that allows us to anticipate their needs, and build customizable moving services such as:

  • Declutter services
  • Concierge moving
  • DIY packing
  • Partial packing
  • Full-service packing
  • Flexible storage options
  • Vehicle and boat moving

The convenience of these services, alongside the assistance of a single point of contact for your move, has allowed us to continue to provide the best possible moving experience Tampa has to offer.

We Can Move (Almost) Anything

In our 100 years of business, Suddath has had a lot of requests for moving unusual items – we have moved military bases, Egyptian relics and even a dolphin. We did all of it successfully (and humanely) by relying on our company values of teamwork, commitment and innovation.

When you’re moving long distance, ours is the team you want on your side. We don’t create problems, we solve them. We’ve been trusted to move millions of precious items over the past century, as we’re still in business because we have lived up to that trust.

Some of the typical long-distance moving requests we receive (since it’s unlikely you’ll be moving with a dolphin) range from antiques and pianos, to cars, boats and fine art. With Suddath, you can rest assured that your valuable heirlooms and belongings will be handled safely and securely by trained and properly-equipped professionals.

The only things we can’t move are non-allowables, items like chemicals, poisons and perishable food, placed on a list for safety and health reasons.

Work with your move coordinator during the walkthrough process for any unique items you need moved. They will handle the request with our team to put together the details, ensuring the crew is properly equipped on move day.

Fully Vetted Long-Distance Moving Crews

Some of the main concerns when moving long distance are:

  • When will my belongings get to me?
  • Will all of them get to me?
  • Will they be damaged?

Our answer to these worries is our trained and fully background-checked crew that will be moving your belongings, so you can feel confident that it is being handled carefully. Also, the support staff who will be scheduling and digitally keeping track of your items in our system.

Hiring Suddath means you have confidence that your move is being handled by knowledgeable professionals, and you can fully focus on the transition into your new home. Your goods will be handled with care, and delivered back to you in a timely manner, for the agreed upon price.

How do we do it? Since no individual long-distance moving company has enough locations to cover the entire United States, companies like Suddath partner together to complete long-distance moves.

Suddath is part of United Van Lines – America’s #1 van line and agent network, featuring the industry’s top-rated drivers and operators and modern truck fleet. Because of that long-standing partnership, we can get you anywhere you need to go in North America. No place is too far or too remote, and we use efficient planning and logistics to ensure you get your items in the time frame you need them.

With access to the United network, we can ensure that anyone we partner with is highly vetted, following the same safety standards we do – for example, fully background-checked crews, drug-tested drivers – and exemplary training. Unaffiliated moving companies take risks with your belongings, by potentially handing them off to unknown, fly-by-night movers.

Remember: throughout your move, you will be supported by a Suddath move coordinator, who is your direct contact for any details regarding your move. They will provide you with updates and the peace-of-mind of knowing that someone is watching over your goods.

Long-Distance Moving FAQs

1. What are my options for an in-home walkthrough?

You have two options for an in-home survey, and you may choose whichever one is most convenient for you. Our representative will perform either:

  • An in-person home survey
  • A virtual walkthrough

The virtual walkthrough can be done easily from your phone or tablet. This is an accommodating option for many people, as it can be done early in the morning, or later in the day after you are home from work.

Through your device, a Suddath representative will guide you through your home, asking questions along the way that are pertinent to both the quote you’ll be given, and give crews time-saving prior knowledge on moving day. It is similar to the FaceTime application, or Skype.

Both survey options allow us to introduce ourselves to you and your home, making sure that we are fully assessing the property so there are no issues on moving day. You will be walked through the logistics of your move, and the representative will make sure that everything will be set up to go smoothly when the crews arrive.

No matter what option you choose, Suddath will be able to provide you with moving logistics, answer any questions you may have, and provide you with a thorough and binding moving quote.

2. Can I choose any day to load my belongings?

Yes. You should work with your move coordinator to decide on a definite date for your move. Keep in mind as you are deciding that availability is a factor in how cost is determined. Picking one single date you want to move on may end up costing you more, depending on how in-demand that date is. For example, a Saturday at the end of the month during peak season (May – August) might cost more than a Wednesday in the middle of the month.

Your move coordinator will have insight into what days will fit best into your budget and timeline. While you absolutely can choose whatever day you like to move, we advise flexibility when it comes to load dates that might be more budget-friendly.

No matter what, your move coordinator will work with you to find a day that works for both your family and your budget.

3. How can I make sure I’m hiring a reputable long-distance moving company?

There is only one way to know for sure: do your research. Start with independent organizations like the Better Business Bureau, reviews through Google, and make sure the company you’re considering is established with these organizations and have solid reviews.

When inspecting customer reviews, look for any troubling trends in what people are saying – for example, people having trouble in the claims process, or the company hiring inexperienced crew members.

You should also look up your moving company’s DOT number on the FMSCA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) official website. The government requires all commercial carrier vehicles to have a Department of Transportation (DOT) number, and any reputable long-distance mover should have it readily available. They should also have information about their insurance, industry associations and accreditations available, and easily give it to you. Anyone being cagey or refusing to give you this information is likely not a reputable mover. Any reputable moving company will be promoting these items on their website, and if not, will happy to provide this information to you.

The most important phase in the process is getting a quote. Moving companies are required to do a home walkthrough with you in order to give you an accurate quote prior to moving day. If the representative you’re speaking to is willing to give you a quote without seeing your home (either through your smartphone or in-person) or will not commit to a specific number after a home walkthrough, you may want to find a different company.

4. How do you make sure my goods are safe and secure during the long-distance moving process?

The first thing that will be done is taking a detailed inventory of your items. Then, your household goods that is being packed and taken by Suddath will be appropriately logged. A driver or crew member will go through and check your good, and potentially take a picture or note to catalog existing damage to individual items like a sofa or chair.

After the inventory is taken, the crew will protect your home with floor covers, door protectors, and furniture padding. They will be labeling boxes with your name and identification, and the room it will be going into in the new home.

The crew will then expertly load your goods into the truck, as tightly as possible to avoid any shifting during travel.

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