4 Things Technology Companies Must Know Before an Office or Data Center Relocation

For companies relying heavily on technical staff and equipment, office relocation and data center relocation present very unique concerns. Here are four points to keep in mind.

1. Minimize downtime for technical staff

Extra planning is essential for office relocation of technical staff, both because of the equipment they require and the schedule within which they complete their work. The desktop setup of programmers and designers, for example, can include multiple monitors, CPUs, and peripherals that must be maintained in transitioning to a new office. Scheduling presents unique challenges in relocating technical teams as well. Developers often work weekends, making the traditional setting of a weekend office relocation impractical. If you’re working with a full service moving company, it’s important to ask about their experience not just moving desktop hardware but planning for the unique needs of technical staff.

2. Minimize downtime in your data center

Employing the right team is essential to preventing damage, delays, and potential security vulnerabilities during data center relocation. Whether hiring a full service moving company or assigning in-house IT resources, there are specialized processes for de-stacking and restacking server racks as well as reassembling precise cabling arrays. Moving teams that specialize in data center relocation will employ tools like anti-static bubble wrap as well as special carts designed to secure servers while in transit.

3. Thoroughly document data center and desktop setup

Thorough documentation is one of the best ways to minimize downtime during office or data center relocation. Knowing the precise arrangement of components and diagramming in the new space to ensure the arrangement can be preserved is one way expert documentation can minimize downtime during a data center move. Effective cable management is a valuable skill for environments where the swapping out and moving of equipment is a regular occurrence.

4. Working with the right teams for data center and office relocation

Specialized knowledge, communication and teamwork are crucial to minimizing downtime during data center or office relocation. Knowledge of equipment, the working environment of technical resources and the ability to plan for contingencies are essential assets to minimizing downtime and ensuring productivity in a new space. Whether you work with a full service moving company or internal teams, the cooperation and communication across HR, IT, procurement and other internal departments will ensure success during and after a move.

Moving highly sensitive and expensive technologies should not be taken lightly. Specialized labor, port protocols, data backup, contingency plans and appropriate insurance coverages need to be considered. Many companies don’t have the in-house expertise and resources to successfully manage this process. Rather than outsource this daunting task to several different vendors, you may want to consider a partner who can professionally plan, implement and manage all facets of your office and technology relocation.

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