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Whether you’re moving from Coral Gables to Doral, or Hialeah to Hollywood, we’ve got you covered. Suddath® has been providing Miami and South Florida moving services for nearly 70 years. When you work with us, you can have peace of mind knowing you have a trusted and experienced local mover, with fully-vetted staff that’s trained and equipped to protect your belongings and property. Your satisfaction is our top priority. That’s why our customers consistently give us 5-star reviews on Google, making us one of the highest rated movers in South Florida.


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We Take Care of You – and Your Belongings

Don't risk a lifetime of belongings to just any mover. At Suddath, we treat you and your belongings with the highest level of care – all at a price that is often equal or less than other lower-quality local movers. Our focus on customer care is deeply rooted in our values, which include trust, integrity and teamwork. Unlike other moving companies, we provide each customer with a dedicated move coordinator to assist you at every step, ensuring you have the smoothest move experience possible. We also take extra precautions in your home and provide specialized packaging and crating as needed to ensure your belongings are safe and sound.

Miami Moving Made Easy

Moving is one of the most stressful times in a person's life, even if just a local move. Our goal is to make moving easier for you, from getting an estimate all the way to final delivery. Short on time, or perhaps you prefer to not do an in-person estimate? Enjoy the convenience of a virtual walkthrough via mobile device, providing an estimate that’s both easy and accurate. And with the support of your dedicated move coordinator throughout your move, you can enjoy having less hassle and stress – so you can spend more time on your new home and less on the move.

Services to Fit Every Need

We handle anything from small apartments to large estates needing special oversight and care. Understanding that every move is different, Suddath provides a broad range of moving services that are flexible and customizable to your needs and budget. With 100 years of experience, there's very little we haven't seen or moved. Our services include:

  • Packing. Full packing and unpacking, as well as DIY or partial packing and unpacking
  • Storage. Short-term and long-term household goods storage, including climate control
  • Specialty items. Expert moving of antiques, pianos and fine art, as well as cars and boats.
  • Concierge and executive moving. White-glove service and extras like coordinating cleaning.
  • Decluttering. The Suddath Declutter & Store Program to help you stage your home for sale
  • Updating Contacts. Help with changing your contacts with our Updater service
  • Real Estate referral. Cash-back rewards through our Real Estate Agent Referral Program

Frequently Asked Questions: Local Moving

1. What is valuation coverage?

It depends on what you’re moving, but we would advise getting it. Without valuation coverage, your goods are insured for $0.60 per lb., per article. So, if an item weighs 100 lbs., you would get $60 if the item was damaged and needs to be replaced. However, with valuation coverage, you can get full-value protection if that item is worth more than $0.60 per lb.

2. How can I prepare for my move?

A few critical things. To start off, secure your valuables, your important papers and documents. Select an area of your home to leave your suitcases and all your belongings that you're going to take with you. That way, the packers and movers don't pack anything you don't want packed and moved onto the moving van. Our second piece of advice would be – don't plan too much on move day. I would consider using our full-packing service, as opposed to you attempting to pack and running short of time and not being prepared on load day.

3. What is a common issue for moving in Miami and how do you deal with it?

In Miami, there are some challenges with the traffic and access to certain residences, neighborhoods and apartments that require a shuttle service. Also, hurricane season is an issue in South Florida and Florida as a whole. Usually we come through those well, but let's say there's a hurricane, then certainly everything gets put on hold. Suddath has been very good about how we operate when there's a natural disaster like a hurricane. We have a hurricane preparedness program, we have phone trees, we have support from our corporate office in Jacksonville with a fully stocked hurricane trailer and supplies that support the folks that are affected.

4. What are my different options for an estimate? How can you simplify the process for me?

Suddath offers both a virtual walkthrough and in-home survey. An in-home survey is preferred if you have more than two bedrooms and 5,000 lbs. of belongings that need to be relocated. If you have a relatively small shipment, however, we do have our virtual walkthrough option, which is convenient for your schedule, as it can be done from your tablet or phone. Once we do your survey, we can give you a binding estimate, where you pay no more than 110% based off what we estimated, or you can get a non-binding estimate, which is based on actual weight.

5. What do you do to ensure my items and property are safe and secure during the moving process?

At both origin and destination, our moving company protects your home with floor protection and door jamb protection. We pad and un-pad your furniture in and outside of the home during the loading and delivery process. With our recently-upgraded warehouse management system, we scan every item into the warehouse, and scan every item and know its location in real time as it gets moved around. It’s very efficient, very accurate, and includes a client portal where you as the customer can go in and see your inventory’s location in real time.

6. How do you select and hire your employees? Do you contract work out?

Our local moving company’s focus is on safety, and our compliance helps us to provide safe transportation in these large vehicles. We have a rigorous background-check policy, and our drivers have go through an in-depth background and qualification process, including a drug screening, to be compliant with the DOT. What's unique about Suddath is that all our drivers are interstate qualified. That means that they go through the same qualification process whether they're going to move you locally or if they are moving you across the country.

Any person who goes into a customer's home has a service crew ID number, which means that they've undergone that background check and are fully compliant. So, although we do use contract van operators, they are virtually indistinguishable from our salaried employees – they work exclusively for Suddath, go through the same training and background checks, and most (if not all) have worked with us for years.

7. What do you do to ensure quality in your local moves?

Suddath is backed by numerous awards, accreditations and close involvement in the community. We follow strict safety and quality guidelines and track our metrics closely to ensure we deliver the best service possible. When our fully background-checked crew moves your belongings, you can be sure they will be treated with the utmost care and delivered back to you with as little hassle as possible – and always for the agreed upon price.

Our van operators, helpers, packers and office movers are trained in-house at our own Suddath University. They are taught skills in in our specialized packing and crating methods, safety practices, home protection methods, customer service and more, benefitting from the industry knowledge we’ve gained over the years. Each crew member is required to complete 25 hours of classroom training and 256 field hours of mentored training before they ever step into your home. Suddath is also always happy to give customers a tour of our warehouse and show you how and where your goods would be stored. Simply inquire with your move coordinator, and they will arrange a time for you to visit our warehouse.

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