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Your clients’ deserve the best and that is what Suddath® provides. When you hand your clients the keys to their dream home, you can ensure that moving into the dream home is also a five-star experience.

Suddath has been serving South Florida residences since 1952. With nearly seven decades of moving experience, we are a respected name for providing high-quality care whether your clients are moving locally in Miami or if they are moving to Buenos Aires, London, Hong Kong or Monte Carlo.

Suddath works with some of the best real estate brokers, developers and building managers in Miami. They know that when they recommend Suddath’s customized and personalized concierge moving services, and their clients will get the best moving experience – one that is tailored to their unique needs.

Suddath has been trusted in Miami since 1952. High net-worth clients are accustomed to the finer things in life, why should that be any different when they are selecting a moving company? Just like trusting an experienced and professional sommelier for a wine recommendation at a Michelin-starred restaurant, trust Suddath with end-to-end moving needs. We only provide highly trained moving teams who are background-checked and experienced in moving clients who demand the best.

Our concierge-level services include:

  • Relocation specialist who will be the single point of contact throughout the entire move
  • Full-service packing and unpacking
  • Home protection (door, floor, wall and elevator) so your client’s new home is just as pristine as when they bought it
  • On-site move manager who will be on-site the day of the move, and will ensure all questions are answered
  • Custom packing and crating of expensive items such as grand pianos, paintings, sculptures and wine
  • Car and boat transportation
  • Pet relocation services
  • Settling-in and maid services
  • Short- and long-term storage in our state-of-the-art facility

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Declutter for Home Staging or Remodeling

Every real estate agent knows that the key to selling a home quickly and for the best possible price is depersonalization and decluttering. Suddath offers a quick and easy decluttering service for clients interested in home staging or remodeling. We provide the flexibility to quickly store unnecessary items, for any duration, in our secure centrally located facility.

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Not a realtor and need moving services?

If you answered yes, click below to learn more about Suddath and our customized and personalized white-glove packing, moving and storage services.

Miami Realtor Partner Program FAQ

How can I prepare my clients for their move?

Advise your clients to start researching a white glove mover and secure a moving date as soon as possible. We advise eight weeks in advance as being ideal, but we have the scope as a local mover in Miami to quickly adapt to shorter timelines or changes in the moving plan.

You may want to let your clients know as well about the concierge moving services that are available to them – for example, Suddath offers a full-packing service, where our experts will come in and pack the entire home in one day. This has proven to be a critical service for our Miami customers with busy schedules who do not have the time to pack themselves.

How can I get my client a moving quote?

Moving companies are legally obligated to do a walk through of the home before giving a quote. Advise your client that a moving company willing to give a quote over the phone may not be reputable. For convenience, Suddath offers two moving quote options: a virtual video estimate OR an in-home walkthrough.

Our virtual walk through option is convenient for your client’s schedule, as it can be done from a tablet or smartphone. Once we do your survey, we can give a binding estimate, where the customer will pay no more than 110% based off what we estimated, or there is an option to get a non-binding estimate, which is based on actual weight. These walk through surveys also act as an itinerary for household items, acting as a record of what was moved, and the condition it was moved in.

What is a common issue for moving in Miami and how do you deal with it?

In Miami, there are certainly some challenges with the traffic and access to certain residences, neighborhoods and apartments that require a shuttle service. Since we’ve been operating in Miami and the surrounding area since 1952, we are well able to plan for and maneuver these issues.

Erratic weather and hurricane season can also prove to be a concern in South Florida moves. Suddath has a century of moving experience in Florida, and the depth of resources to quickly ramp operations back up when there is a significant weather event or natural disaster. We have a hurricane preparedness program, which includes support from our corporate office in Jacksonville and branches in Tampa, Fort Lauderdale and Orlando. Suddath also has a fully stocked natural disaster relief trailer that mobilizes to assist when there is an event in one of our locations.

What do you do to ensure items and property are safe during the moving process?

At both origin and destination, our white glove movers protect the home with floor protection and door jamb protection. We pad and un-pad furniture in and outside of the home during the loading and delivery process.

With our recently-upgraded warehouse management system, we scan every item into the warehouse, and scan every item and know its location in real time as it gets moved around. It’s very efficient, very accurate, and includes a client portal where the customer can go in and see your inventory’s location in real time.

How do you select and hire employees?

Safety is a main focus for Suddath, and our compliance helps us to provide a safe environment for customers, and secure transportation for their items when they are in our care. We have a rigorous background-check policy, and our drivers have go through an in-depth qualification process, including a drug screening, to be compliant with the DOT. What’s unique about Suddath is that all our drivers are interstate qualified, meaning that they go through the same qualification process whether they’re going to move locally or across the country.

Any professional mover who goes into a customer’s home has a service crew ID number, which means that they’ve undergone that background check and are fully compliant.

What do you do to ensure quality?

Suddath is backed by numerous awards, accreditations and close involvement in the community – we have been a proud sponsor of Tools for Schools with the local United Way and Publix for years.

We follow strict safety and quality guidelines and track our metrics closely to ensure we deliver the best white glove moving services possible. When our fully background-checked crew moves a customer’s belongings, they will be treated with the utmost care and delivered back with as little hassle as possible – and always for the agreed upon price.

Our van operators, helpers, packers and office movers are trained in-house at our own Suddath University. They are taught skills in in our specialized packing and crating methods, safety practices, home protection methods, customer service and more, benefitting from the industry knowledge we’ve gained over the years. Each crew member is required to complete 25 hours of classroom training and 256 field hours of mentored training.

Suddath is also always happy to give tours of our warehouse and show you how and where goods are stored. Simply inquire with your move coordinator, and they will arrange a time for you to visit our warehouse.

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