The Most Overlooked Steps in Handling Confidential Customer and Employee Records During a Move

You are planning an office move? Did you forget one crucial step that could cost you millions and jeopardize your company’s reputation?You are planning an office move? Did you forget one crucial step that could cost you millions and jeopardize your company’s reputation?

Just one piece of confidential information in the wrong hands could cost your company millions of dollars and jeopardize your reputation. There have been many well-publicized security breaches in which companies have failed to protect personal information and face costly and damaging consequences like fines, penalties, lawsuits, lost business, ongoing expenses of protecting exposed individuals and bad publicity. If you are planning an office move, it is critical to partner with a company who knows how to help you protect your customers, your reputation and your bottom line.

Failure to protect confidential information during an office move is a very common mistake. Don’t let it happen to you.

An office move involves relocating files and equipment containing social security numbers, banking information, health records and other very sensitive information. Although most companies have solid standards for protecting confidential information during normal business operations, most companies fail to establish appropriate security procedures during a business move.

Even most moving companies don’t protect your information in an office move.

Most moving companies do not provide a detailed inventory and documented chain of custody during office moves. This lack of control leaves you exposed. As you plan your office move be sure to identify a partner who has a documented process and relevant experience protecting confidential information during business moves. This is not something that can be learned overnight and you do not want your move to be an experiment for your mover. Select an office mover who understands best practices and can advise you on the very best processes to follow to protect confidential information. Be wary of any moving company that down-plays the significance or feasibility of protecting your information. The best moving companies will not only understand the importance of protecting sensitive information. They will bring you the tools to make the process easier.

Your risk is not over just because the move is done. What about the vacated space?

Thousands of people’s identities could be compromised if just one small file cabinet is not professionally purged of files. Leaving confidential information behind in vacated spaces and old office furniture can leave you very exposed.

It is not at all uncommon for sensitive documents to be found in old file cabinets, behind panel walls, even flying around loading dock areas or unsecured dumpsters as old office furniture is removed from an office building. Don’t let your company face unnecessary risk. Partner with a moving company who has a process for systematically validating that all vacated work areas and office furniture has been fully purged of contents and documents. This is a critical step in the business relocation process that should never be left to chance.

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