Office Furniture That Fits Your Space Should Also Fit Your Budget

When outfitting or expanding an office, many employers feel they’ll be selling themselves and their employees short if they don’t buy the most expensive new office furniture. There certainly is quality behind the cost of premium brands, but there are also many affordable, high-quality options that can meet your needs. After you’ve completed initial space planning, there are additional steps you can follow to find the right furniture for your business.

1. Start with a furniture plan.

Employers are aware there’s more to finding new office furniture than simply counting heads and buying a desk and chair for everyone. But they are often unsure where to start. Ideally they start with a process that includes:

  • Taking inventory of current furniture
  • Analyzing needs and establishing goals
  • Test fitting and scenario planning
  • Conducting budget analysis
  • Creating a liquidation plan for existing or surplus furniture

Steps like these assume the organization has engaged in some kind of space planning first. Space planning looks at density, movement and workflow, and views furniture as a way to create a healthy environment that fits your budget.

2. Identify the full list of furniture options.

What’s out there?

3. Explore the options.

Affordable new office furniture.

If you’re considering new furniture, premium brands certainly offer exceptional quality for the price. But there are also middle-tier cost options (like Friant for example) that can effectively meet your needs without the cost.

4. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

From space planning to full analysis of industry options, outfitting your office with new office furniture can be overwhelming. An objective partner, planner or consultant from the office moving field can help you navigate the options while keeping focus on what’s right for your workplace.

Considering new furniture, or interested in space planning? We’d love to talk to you. Contact us anytime.