How to Plan a Warehouse Move for Better Space Utilization

If you’re planning to relocate a warehouse or industrial plant, you may be searching for the best solution that optimizes the operations of your business. To keep up with evolving industry trends and retail markets, it’s important to create a space design that is easily adaptable to changes in your business. As industrial move experts with over 100 years of knowledge and experience, we’re sharing a few effective practices you should consider when planning a commercial move to optimize your warehouse space.

Maximize Your New Space Layout

A common problem for many warehouses and industrial plants is limited storage because of ineffective space utilization. With rising storage costs and company fluctuations, maximizing the use of your floor space is the key to avoiding inefficiencies and other turbulent events within your operations.

The first step in finding a solution is assessing the use of vertical space. Arrange the new layout with a comfortable inventory mapping that leaves floor space for safe employee navigation and equipment placement that promotes an effective production system. Partnering with an expert relocation partner like Suddath® will make a significant difference in organizing a solution-based layout plan ideal for your business.

Download our Warehouse and Industrial Plant Relocation Checklist to learn more.

Organize Your Inventory System for Easier Workflow

Poor inventory management is at the root of recurring facility issues. When you start the planning stage of your industrial relocation, it’s a great time to review your current inventory and decide if your equipment model has effectively supported production or is inherently the source of most problems. An effective way to overcome issues, such as being unsure of stock levels or confusion around where to place assets, is an inventory system with real-time updates and tracking capabilities.

Embracing technology that improves visibility and control during your move can support a comprehensive inventory transfer, making it easier to organize and track assets in the new space. Through Suddath’s Tracker Moves technology, keeping track of your stock supply, equipment, and sensitive documents in transit presents a prominent advantage with monitoring capabilities that make it easier to integrate your inventory into a new facility management system.

Design A Racking and Shelving Roadmap That Supports Production

Before your warehouse or industrial move, schedule time to assess if the racks and shelving still effectively support inventory storage, control and distribution. Upon moving into a new production space, you should review if there have been any changes to the size, shape, and quantity of your inventory. The goal is to strategically align your stock and equipment to best suit fast and efficient fulfillment. Give your staff the ability to easily access and transport materials from one area to another by implementing a healthy facility production system. Racks, shelves, stacking frames, mezzanines, bins, and drawers should follow the stages of your production cycle. From material stored long term to material scheduled to enter the production cycle, integrating a racking roadmap structured to inventory flow and material handling is key to improved use of space.

When planning your industrial move, we recommend working with professionals that will help guide you every step of the way. At Suddath, you get experienced heavy equipment movers and warehouse relocation services that minimize the impact of an industrial move on your business. Through our broad menu of services, such as warehouse layout planning, disassembly, and reassembly of racking systems, our highly skilled warehouse moving experts can execute seamless industrial moves, complete with materials packaging, specialized inventory transportation, and installation of heavy-duty equipment.

To help you plan a successful move, we’ve created a checklist designed with your business mind. It’s the perfect step-by-step guide in making sure your industrial move experience is hassle-free.

Download your free Warehouse and Industrial Plant Move Checklist now.