Don’t Miss These 5 Things When Planning Your Office Move

There are five things business owners too often miss during an office or corporate relocation.

1. Consider furniture in your new floor plan.

Create a floor plan as soon as you choose your new space. This is particularly important when it comes to furniture options. Can you reuse or repurpose existing furniture? Do you need to purchase any new furniture? If your new floor plan makes some of your existing furniture unnecessary, you can sell or decommission it before the move. Space planning is something to look for as you evaluate your relocation needs.

2. Consider the HVAC requirements for equipment your company uses.

It’s important to address this with your architect or space planner before the corporate relocation, eliminating last minute scrambles or expensive fixes.

3. Think about destroying or archiving old files and paperwork.

A move is a great time to purge. Just make sure you have a plan in place to protect your company’s privacy. You should always destroy sensitive documents through your business relocation provider or a certified shredding company.

4. Ask about green moving.

Moving doesn’t require hundreds of cardboard boxes. Ask your moving company if they offer reusable crate rental versus corrugated (cardboard) material as part of their business relocation services. This option saves time and money while being better for the environment.

5.  Remember to change your address.

This may seem obvious, but your address may show up in more places than you think:

  • Stationery and business cards
  • Building signage
  • Company vehicle signage
  • Vehicle registration
  • Website and social media pages
  • Ongoing advertising
  • Yellow pages listings

You don’t need to identify all the steps in a corporate relocation alone. Moving companies that specialize in commercial and office relocation can help identify the long list of concerns to consider.

Want to talk an International Office Moving Institute (IOMI) mover about your corporate relocation? Feel free to contact us.