Benefits of Hiring Certified Office Moving Companies

One of the key qualifications that office moving companies can possess is an IOMI® (International Office Moving Institute) certification. As a national organization, IOMI offers training programs, seminars and certifications in commercial moving services, project management and overall best business practices.
IOMI has been deemed the ‘University’ for office moving companies and is affiliated with Georgia Highlands College, part of the University System of Georgia. As an independent education and training organization, IOMI has strict standards for its members.

Comprehensive, detailed coursework lays a solid foundation

IOMI offers targeted coursework for employees of office moving companies. Classes are offered for all levels of commercial moving services, and in-office moving crews are taught the details of various skills needed for a move such as the following:

  • Taking accurate inventories of furniture, computers and contents
  • Preparing a scope of services that clearly defines responsibilities
  • Calculating an accurate estimate and timeline using a proprietary algorithm
  • Showing the client how to pack and prepare for the office move
  • Moving office furniture, computers, paintings and glass tops without damage
  • Moving furniture floor-to-floor without causing damage
  • Communicating professionally with clients

All of these skills play a huge role in the overall success of a company’s office moving experience.

Proprietary algorithms power commercial moving services

Two important aspects of a successful commercial move are the accuracy of the move estimates and the timeliness of the project completion. Office movers that are IOMI certified use the proprietary move estimating formulas that are precise and unique to the industry, using man-hours rather than cubic feet of goods as inputs. With more accurate estimates, the project is better able to adhere to the timelines. Moving on schedule prevents business interruptions and losses of productivity.