Corporate Relocation Services

By the nature of what we do, Suddath® is a service organization invested in taking care of people. We feel this part of our cultural DNA extends from the relocation assistance we provide to the strategic advice we offer.


Relocation specialists with a strategic focus

We believe corporate relocation services should be defined by two qualities:

  • Exceptional expertise and care helping individuals with their moves
  • Cutting-edge technology, analysis and strategy for employers

Approaching these with equal focus helps employers attract talent, retain talent and realize the business opportunities driving their relocation policies.

Let's talk about strategies

Staying competitive: a matter of policy

Helping employers develop and support a solid employee relocation policy is the best way we can support their business success.

  • Put the right talent in the right place for business growth
  • Become an employer of choice
  • Attract top-level talent

We apply corporate relocation services to support these goals in a number of ways.

  • Offer market intelligence
  • Provide policy development
  • Establish service level agreements and KPIs
  • Offer analytical insight
  • Perform benchmarking
  • Provide expertise in international relocation

As hands-on relocation specialists, we manage every move to meet your corporate policies while providing the best possible experience.

Employee experience is the true measure of relocation assistance


Our relocation specialists start with an employee survey to understand expectations, service requirements and concerns. They introduce your employees to Suddath® Relocation Zone® where up-to-date information for each move is available 24/7/365, along with helpful tools and tips. As the move progresses, our specialists stay in touch to answer questions and make sure the move is going well.

The best tools for the job

We continually invest in technology that provides a smooth experience for employees and program intelligence for employers—keeping everyone in the loop and on track.

  • SMS text updates for employees and clients
  • Dashboard reporting
  • Shipment tracking
  • CRM tools to track and recap employee touch points
  • Electronic quoting and inventories

One relocation team

We take end-to-end responsibility for all components, including all of our relocation partners who help make this a first-class effort. Our teams are:

  • Managed to corporate SLAs
  • Background checked and trained
  • Reviewed regularly face-to-face and graded
  • Measured by quality and capacity

We ensure that all of our team members support the same culture of taking moving personally that makes up our collective DNA.

Adding value
to your move

As part of our goal to continually improve the relocation process, we go above and beyond through value adds like:

  • Auto, pet and wine transportation
  • Lump-sum program management
  • Settling in services
  • Small shipment and containerization programs

We’d love to learn about your employee relocation goals and talk more about what we do.

Contact us to start a conversation.

360˚+ Quality Assurance Program for flawless relocation

Our people are important to us and to make sure they stay informed and engaged, we continually offer training and provide valuable feedback and recognition. This adds to the depth of personal care and accountability they bring to each employee and family relocation.

  • Full-time corporate trainers
  • Detailed feedback solicitation and response
  • Recognition and rewards for high levels of service
  • Quarterly, semi-annual or annual reports to customers

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