Atlas Van Lines: What Does it Mean to be an Agent for Atlas?

Since most people don’t move very often, they tend to have this idea of one moving company who moves them from one place to the other, picking up their items in one location, and dropping them off in another.

What really happens is much more interesting. Essentially, a Van Line is the Avengers of the moving world. A super team of movers coming together to complete a long-distance home move from start to finish.

This “Avengers” team of movers is needed because while one moving company will take you from one end of town to the other for a local move, it’s unlikely only one moving company can move you cross-country.

When you’re ready to make your long distance move, you’ll find yourself wondering: is moving with a van line right for me?

Who is Atlas Van Lines?

Atlas Van Lines is one of the largest household goods movers in the United States and Canada. But it isn’t just one moving company – it’s made up of many smaller moving companies working together.

Agents (smaller moving companies) operate under the Atlas brand and utilize their resources, technology, and support to provide moving and logistics services to customers.

Agents typically handle various aspects of the moving process, including packing, loading, transportation, and unloading of household goods. Like Suddath, they may also offer additional services such as storage, vehicle transportation, and specialized handling for fragile or valuable items.

Becoming an agent for Atlas Van Lines often involves meeting certain qualifications and standards set by the company, as well as entering into a contractual agreement. This partnership allows both the agent and Atlas Van Lines to leverage each other’s strengths and capabilities to serve customers more effectively and efficiently.

Using a mover that is part of a van line, such as Atlas Van Lines, can offer several advantages:

  1. Nationwide Network: Van lines typically have a vast network of agents across the country, allowing for seamless coordination of moves from one location to another. This means they can handle long-distance moves with ease and efficiency.
  2. Resources and Equipment: Van lines often provide their agents with access to a wide range of resources and equipment, including trucks, packing materials, and specialized tools. This ensures that your belongings are handled with care and transported safely.
  3. Professional Expertise: Agents of van lines are typically trained and experienced in all aspects of the moving process. They understand how to properly pack, load, and transport items to minimize the risk of damage or loss.
  4. Insurance Coverage: Many van lines offer various levels of insurance coverage to protect your belongings during the move. This provides peace of mind knowing that you’re financially protected in case of any unforeseen accidents or incidents.
  5. Convenience: By using a mover affiliated with a van line, you can often take advantage of additional services such as packing, unpacking, and secure storage. This can help streamline the moving process and reduce the stress associated with relocating.
  6. Customer Support: Van lines and their agents typically provide excellent customer support throughout the moving process. Whether you have questions about your move or need assistance with any aspect of the relocation, their customer service team has a deep well of moving knowledge and is always there to help.

Just because you’re moving with a van line doesn’t mean you’re going to be stuck on hold or hitting “0” over and over again trying to talk to a person. The smaller origin moving company will assign you a move coordinator who will work with you throughout your move and be your single-point-of-contact.

Overall, using a mover that is part of a van line can offer a reliable and efficient solution for your moving needs, particularly for long-distance or complex moves.

Is Atlas Van Lines Credible?

Alongside the above, Atlas Van Lines is considered credible for several reasons:

  1. Longevity and Reputation: Atlas Van Lines has been in operation since 1948, giving them decades of experience in the moving and transportation industry. Together with Suddath’s century of moving experience, we have over 175 years of moving expertise.
  2. Industry Affiliations and Accreditations: Atlas Van Lines is a member of prominent industry associations such as the American Trucking Association (ATA) which sets standards and promotes ethical business practices within the moving industry. Additionally, Atlas has been named one of the “Most Trustworthy Companies in America” two years running by Newsweek Magazine.
  3. Extensive Network of Qualified Agents: Atlas Van Lines has a vast network of agents across the United States and Canada. These agents are carefully selected and trained to uphold the high standards set by Atlas, ensuring consistent service quality regardless of the location of your move.
  4. Positive Customer Reviews and Testimonials: Many customers have shared positive experiences with Atlas Van Lines, praising their professionalism, punctuality, and attention to detail. Positive word-of-mouth and testimonials from satisfied customers further enhance their credibility in the industry.

Overall, Atlas Van Lines has established itself as a credible and trusted moving company through its long-standing presence, industry affiliations, extensive network, comprehensive services, commitment to customer satisfaction, and positive reputation.

Why Do You Need a Van Line Anyway? Can’t Movers Just Follow Me to My New Home?

A moving van is so large that it can fit three or four homes worth of items. It would be very expensive to have one all to yourself, so a van line employee plots out the logistics of pick ups and deliveries.

This helps to save on wasted cost and time – which compounded over time, would lead to increased cost for the consumer. While there are many costs that go into delivering a shipment, just one to consider is that filling up a tractor-trailer with fuel just once can cost well over $1,000. This means the most efficient route needs to be laid out to cut down on waste.

Moving with an agent for Atlas Van Lines means that there are elite specialists and resources in place to help ensure efficiency of a route. This means not only are costs kept down, but you’ll get your shipment as soon as possible.

The Cross-Country Moving Process

Typically, a moving crew will come to pack and load your items into a moving van. Then, that truck will work its way across the country (likely with other deliveries along the way) until it reaches your new hometown.

At this point, the driver needs a local crew to deliver the items. This means that they need to call on the local Atlas agent office to find qualified, trained and background-checked crew members. No moving company has a branch in every city, so this is really where a van line comes in handy.

Depending on scheduling, your driver may need to deliver your items into the warehouse of the local Atlas agent moving company. Then, the destination moving company would deliver your goods to your home on the appointed day, and the origin moving company would know that, as another Atlas agent, the items would be delivered with the same care in which they were picked up.

The van line relationship creates a moving process that ensures a level of efficiency and credibility that allows multiple companies to work together to complete a move for the best possible price and at the highest quality.

Are you ready to make your cross-country or long-distance move? Make your move with Suddath and Atlas Van Lines today.