3 Easy Ways to Kick-start your International Move

You’ve just found out that you’re moving internationally, and you’re probably feeling pretty overwhelmed right about now.

There are visions of endless paperwork and trying to navigate a brand-new city and culture dancing in your head. While there is some truth to that – there’s no avoiding the paperwork, and no way to seamlessly blend into a new culture (that’s all part of the fun) – but there are ways you can kick your international move into gear.

You CAN Take it With You

Determining if you’re moving everything versus temporarily storing items that you don’t want to make the trip overseas is a simple way to get a grasp on the size of your move. It’s also important when defining your timeline for travel.

Once you know when you need to be in-country, you can start working with your international mover to create a schedule. Depending on when you need to arrive at your new destination, arrangements should be made to have your essentials delivered around the same time, or shortly after, you arrive.

Once you have answered both of these questions you will be able to determine what type of mover you need and what your next steps should be.

Preview your destination

Make sure to plan a preview trip ahead of your big move. A preview trip allows you to determine where you want to live, but also offers a glimpse into the new surroundings, culture and customs at your new destination.
A preview trip can also allow you to get a better grasp on the language the locals speak, as many cultures speak one way in their homes and utilize another more formal version of that language in writing and day-to-day corporate life.

If you’re moving overseas for business, most companies provide a look-see trip for you and your family. However, if you’re moving yourself, this can be expensive – find articles and tips on how to budget for a trip overseas.  

Gather your Resources

There are a number of online resources that you can use to familiarize yourself with your destination, and any regulations you may need to be aware of. We recommend starting with these:

Through our network of qualified agents around the world, Suddath® provides global resources dedicated to helping you not only move your belongings to a new country, but make a smooth, easy cultural transition.

Not all international movers are created equal. Suddath is a FIDI-FAIMPLUS certified mover, and we always evaluating our agent partners to ensure they follow OMNI and FIDI best quality standards to the letter. If you’re thinking about making the jump across the pond, contact us, we’d be delighted to help you plan your international move.