Shipment Acceptance System FAQ (Mar 9 2020)

Does the new Shipment Acceptance System change the registration process? Will shipments still be registered through my van line? 

  • It will not change the process. We only register in United Van Lines.

My account is locked, what do I do? 

  • Wait 30 minutes, then try again. If it is still locked, please reset your password.

How many people can use the login credentials at one time? 

  • Anyone can use your login within your organization, but we ask that you do not share outside of your organization.

Does the Shipment Acceptance System work in all browsers? Is there a recommended browser like for DPS? 

  • Google Chrome is the recommended browser.

Where do I find the members information and address after accepting a shipment in the Vendor Portal? 

  • You can check the confirmation email as well as your shipment offer history in the Vendor Portal. Please note, it could take up to 24 hours for the Vendor Portal to reflect this information.

I am not getting any confirmations, what do I do? 

  • Please contact your Business Development Representative.

How will I find back haul opportunities? Does this take the place of E-ton?

  • You will still utilize E-Ton for this function. No, E-Ton is still functional.

How will I know if a shipment has been awarded in my area? Do I need to refresh the page all day? 

  • Yes, please check shipment offers at least 1 -2 hours during non-peak. We recommend having a dedicated shipment acceptance representative during peak-season.

How does the award system determine who to send the award to? Do all the agents in my area see the same offers? 

  • In non-peak, it will go to our partners. For peak season, it will be first come first serve amongst our partners in each market. If the shipment is not accepted, it will then go to best quality agent based on your Customer Satisfaction Survey Score.

Does internet speed affect the rate at which I can see or accept shipments? 

  • It could have some effect if competing on a first come first serve basis.

What if I need to turn back a shipment? Will the award system let me do that or do I have to call someone? 

  • You have the option to refuse a shipment in the Shipment Acceptance System. A turn back indicates that you initially accepted a shipment and then wish to turn it back. That communication would need to happen through your regional supervisor. Do know that decision could impact the number of offers you receive.

How will I receive shipment awards if the system goes down? 

  • The old standard process via email from our previous system, Suddath Works.

How do agents request additional compensation for excess mileage? 

  • You will need to refuse the shipment initially but list in the comments box what you have determined is necessary to service the shipment. Based on review by Shipment Distribution, they will either reoffer the shipment to you agreeing to those terms, offer a counter proposal, and/or get accepted by another agent without additional compensation.

What is the process for agents giving alternate dates when they can’t cover with original dates? 

  • Same as above. You will need to refuse the shipment initially but list in the comments box what dates you are able to service the shipment. Based on review by Shipment Distribution, they will either re-offer the shipment to you agreeing to those dates, offer a counter proposal, and/or get accepted by another agent that doesn’t require a date change.

How will I know if a shipment has an additional pickup? 

  • The additional pickup information will be listed in the offer.

I chose the wrong agent location when I accepted this shipment. How do I get that corrected? 

  • Shipment Distribution needs to re-offer the shipment which requires you to contact your Operations Supervisor. They will start the process internally.

Why is there no option to pack and protect? We choose what services we want to offer. 

  • It may be a scenario that APU’ing the shipment isn’t an option.

What happens if I change my mind after declining a shipment? 

  • Log back into your portal to see if the shipment is available.

Where can I find driver information for these shipments? 

  • Please contact your Operations Supervisor.

How can I find out if the shipment I am servicing will be registered in United? 

  • If the hauler is a United or Mayflower agent, the shipment will be registered in United. If the shipment does not have a hauler assigned at the time of registration, we will register the shipment into United as an open haul unless UniGroup restrictions prevent that.

For any other questions, please contact us at 800-365-5463