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Tampa, FL MacDill Airforce Base

Key Services

  • Technology disconnect/reconnect
  • Packing and unpacking of sensitive radar equipment
  • Large Mezzanine reconfiguration
  • Aircraft parts, sheet metal fabrication and machine shop packing and unpacking

The Facts

  • 120 employees relocated
  • 250 tractor trailer loads
  • Radar and collaboration lab relocation
  • 2-month time frame

Client Testimonial

They went above and beyond any expectation to meet our deadlines even with the government’s new facility was not ready for us to move. They improvised and never at the expense of quality. I have never worked with a more competent group. I definitely would work with Suddath again and again.

- Captain Gallagher, NOAA
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The Challenge

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) was searching for a moving company to relocate 120 employees and their equipment from MacDill Airforce Base to Linder Regional Airport. They wanted to ensure vital daily operations could remain uninterrupted while engaging in a major move. With construction going on within the facilities, NOAA was concerned for delays during the overall process. In addition to potential construction delays, there was high-value radar lab equipment that required breakdown and re-assembly. The move process would not only involve relocating employees but also aircraft, aircraft parts, sheet metal fabrication equipment, and a large Mezzanine structure that would require reconfiguration. Maintaining proper maintenance of the equipment throughout the transition was essential. NOAA needed a provider who could remain flexible but be savvy enough to handle all the requirements detailed out within the project.

Project Goal: Successfully relocate sensitive radar lab materials, aircraft parts and reconfigure a large Mezzanine structure, while facing construction delays and deployment schedule.

The Solution

Suddath® proved to be the partner who would not only accomplish the task at hand with superior customer service but who could also track every asset throughout the relocation. Through our proprietary technology, Tracker, powered by Telescio,® we were able to efficiently and consistently deliver status updates to NOAA during the course of the project. Telescio gave NOAA a comprehensive view of every step of the life cycle of their move, from detailing out each item that was being moved, to allowing them to see where those assets were during the move process. Although construction delays were inevitable, the Suddath team remained on task based on NOAA’s construction and deployment schedule. Our operations and project management team communicated regularly with NOAA’s team to ensure expectations were not only met but exceeded along the way.

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