Moving vs. Space Planning Solutions for your Growing Office

Is office moving the only solution to meet the space and upgrade needs of your growing business? You need more office space.Is office moving the only solution to meet the space and upgrade needs of your growing business?

You need more office space. Some problems are good ones to have! Business is booming, and you’re hiring more employees. Or maybe you’ve acquired a new company and aren’t sure if you have enough office space for everyone. With all the good problems happening, you might be starting to wonder: Does it make more sense to relocate or examine options for our existing space? You might truly have outgrown your current office space—or you might be in the right location, but it’s time to upgrade, modernize and re-configure existing your office workspace.
Maximizing office space is challenging. Relocating your entire operation is a big decision. Here are a few things to consider as you try to determine if business relocation planning is the answer.

Don’t assume you need more space just because you are growing

It is important to fully understand your exact space capacity needs. Consider the potential of your current space. Look at different layouts and furnishings for your existing space before you assume that you need to move to a new location.

You might not need more space to create room for more employees

More employees mean more desks, and more desks take up more space. However, you can significantly increase the capacity for employees in your current space by simply reconfiguring office furniture. For example, if your employees are currently sitting in yesterday’s 8 x 8 workstations, today’s streamlined and collaborative furnishings may allow you to fit up to 40% more people in the same space and create an opportunity for you to upgrade your furnishings to a modern look and feel.

How to bring your office into the 21st century without breaking the bank

If your lease is expiring soon, do some research on the market for commercial office space. Are you currently renting at a fair price for your location and the amenities? You may be surprised what your property owner might be willing to do to retain you as a tenant – incentives like repainting, new carpet, upgraded furnishings and technology. This is a great opportunity to upgrade your space to integrate today’s design trends into your office environment.
To maximize the upgrade opportunity, find ways to stretch your incentive dollars and the savings associated with not moving to make progressive changes in your workplace without breaking the bank. Anyone who tells you that buying all new stuff is the only way to go isn’t helping you to make informed decisions. In fact, you may want to look into opportunities to integrate remanufactured and quality pre-owned office furniture into the plan to stretch your money while still achieving a fantastic upgraded space. You can avoid the extremely high cost of new furniture. Many Fortune 500 companies utilize quality remanufactured and pre-owned office furniture.
Before you decide that moving is the only answer, meet with a professional furniture planner to look at all of your space and furniture options.

Look for additional upgrades that will pay for themselves

As part of the space repurposing process, look for upgrades that will pay for themselves and don’t be afraid to ask the property owner to share in the expense. Some areas to consider:

  • Replace old light fixtures
  • Automate building systems to manage energy consumption
  • Install water filter systems
  • Upgrade office equipment

A lot goes into moving a business and moving only makes sense if you can save money and increase efficiency and productivity without any lasting disruptions to your employees and customers.

Work with a provider that can provide a full range of services from moving to a new space to reconfiguring your current location to better fit your needs. Contact us today to talk about what options are best for you.