Key Services

  • Portal services management system
  • Warehouse and asset management
  • Move management
  • Office and research lab moving
  • Hospital equipment moving
  • High-value and sensitive equipment relocation

The Facts

  • 20,000 employees
  • 53 building campu
  • 130,000+ patients serviced per year
  • 1200 moves per year

Client Testimonial

Asset management and and delivery of 25,000 pieces of equipment

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Midwest Hospital needs multiple services but only one mover can do it all. TheComplete menu of services streamlines move

The Challenge

The client is a large hospital and research center in the US Midwest. They have more than 50 project managers and a multitude of departments needing office relocation, warehousing and asset management services. They were using multiple vendors for relocating hospital-related equipment, office moving, sensitive equipment and lab relocation, warehouse services, and asset management. The organization was utilizing a manual asset transfer document system and averaging the creation of nearly 24,000 documents per year. Their processes typically took weeks to complete service requests and their processes required significant human resources for oversight and attention.

The Solution

Suddath® became the client’s single source provider. Our innovative “Portal” web-based ordering system provided a digital solution that they desperately needed to streamline their processes. The system is used for ordering asset delivery, small to mid-sized facilities moves, and provides a dashboard for services ordered by department. Suddath® now provides warehouse management, move management, lab/office/equipment moves throughout the campus. The average order for service is 3,500 per year, inclusive of 25,000 pieces of equipment. Additionally, Suddath performs about 1,200 requests for moving services each year. The average time from service order to completion is 7.1 days, which is significantly faster than the previous two weeks it took. Now a substantial amount of time is saved by the client with less input and manual ordering from their employees.

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