Tampa Bay, FL

Key Services

  • Office Moving
  • IT disconnect/reconnect and wire management
  • Vacated space and post-move support

The Facts

  • 750+ employees relocated
  • 1,500+ flatscreen monitors
  • 750+ desktop computers
  • 3-Phase project

Client Testimonial

Suddath left such an impression with us that we have asked the Suddath team to provide ongoing move-related services to over 250 of our employees.

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Impressive hospital move leads to long-term partnership

The Challenge

A healthcare systems company in Tampa Bay, Florida needed a partner with the necessary resources to move its 750+ employees, as well as all its IT equipment, within an aggressive time frame. All work areas needed to be assembled and fully operational by the time the company’s staff was scheduled to begin work in the new facility. Additionally, the company was looking for one partner who could not only move their IT equipment, but also reconnect all electronics for their employees to begin work as soon as they walked in the new space.

Project Goal: Execute an office move strategy that not only relocated each of the employee’s sensitive IT equipment, but also ensured each piece of equipment was properly handled and reinstalled.

The Solution

Our IOMI® trained Suddath® professionals worked with CBRE and provided all moving and IT disconnect/reconnect services for this transition. Our team moved over 1,500 computer monitors, which included removing and reinstalling the monitors onto monitor arms. Our team created a disconnect/reconnect completion form, managed by an IT tech support specialist, and kept a log of potential issues to ensure each step in the transition was completed properly. Additionally, we dedicated a quality control coordinator to confirm each tech specialist’s work. With hard work from our team of professionals, Suddath successfully completed the transition without issue and allowed for all 750+ employees to be fully operational on day one in their new space.

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