Washington, D.C. and Fairfax, Va

Key Services

  • Removal, delivery and installation of sensitive lab equipment
  • Organization and packaging of life-saving medical research drug compounds

The Facts

  • 1500 pieces of laboratory glass
  • 1100 unique chemical compounds
  • 15 dedicated Suddath professionals
  • 2-phase relocation

Client Testimonial

The chemicals and equipment Suddath helped to relocate were the cumulation of one of our doctor’s lifetime of work generating and testing new medicines to fight cancer.

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Safe lab equipment moving, delivery and installation for a medical group

The Challenge

A leading medical group needed assistance relocating an entire laboratory from a university medical center in Washington, D.C. to Inova Center for Personalized Health in Fairfax, Virginia. This move required detailed planning and care when handling the sophisticated lab machinery. Inova needed expert lab movers with experience to handle their delicate and expensive medical equipment.

Project Goal: Organize and execute a plan to move each item of the laboratory between the two locations, safely, in an orderly and time sensitive manner.

The Solution

Familiar with our reputation of quality and reliability, Inova Center for Personalized Health reached out to Suddath® to manage and execute this unique transition. Our team worked closely with the lab staff and their safety and material handling department to ensure all chemicals and compounds were handled properly. We organized a comprehensive and detailed move plan to ensure the integrity of all items contained in the laboratory was never compromised. We successful moved over 1,500 pieces of laboratory glass, several unique pieces of test equipment, freezers, research material, and the irreplaceable chemical library, with over 1,100 unique and one-of-kind medical research compounds.

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