Tampa, FL

Key Services

  • Office moving
  • Office furniture, fixtures and equipment decommissioning
  • Office furniture management and sales
  • Furniture installation and reconfiguration
  • Technology equipment relocation and desktop support services

The Facts

  • 65,000 square feet of office space vacated
  • $35,000 in office furniture liquidation savings
  • 176 employees and associates moved
  • 100% landfill avoidance

Client Testimonial

The Suddath moving crew was top notch. I was very impressed! They were hard working and both professional and friendly. The move went smoothly and the move team worked extremely efficiently.

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Firm saves $35,000 in office furniture liquidation with 100% landfill avoidance

The Challenge

One of the largest and most respected law firms in Central Florida leased over three floors in one of Tampa’s largest high-rises and decided to relocate their headquarters. The mission-critical challenge was to orchestrate a large move over one weekend and avoid business disruption. The risks of taking on the move in one weekend were significant; not only did the firm need to relocate the office furniture, equipment and contents for 176 associates, there was an immense amount of legal files to be securely relocated. In addition, there was going to be a substantial amount of surplus furniture and equipment in the vacated space that would require liquidation, disposal or recycling. To make things even more challenging, all of this needed to be executed over the Memorial Day weekend when many of the firm’s employees would be unavailable to assist with move activities. The firm needed an experienced, capable and trustworthy partner to carry out the project in a short period of time.

Project Goal: Orchestrate the relocation of a large law firm’s headquarters and their 176 associates over one holiday weekend and avoid business disruption.

The Solution

Enter Suddath® Workplace Solutions. By selecting Suddath, the firm was able to consolidate multiple services under one roof and save significant time and money throughout the office relocation planning and delivery process. We divided the challenge into small manageable parts – developing a comprehensive move plan that included departmental planning, color-coded computer printed labels, and moving non-critical goods early with the main move scheduled for the weekend. Suddath also provided on-site settling-in support during the first few days in the new space. In addition, we proactively identified and orchestrated the surplus asset sale avoiding costly removal and disposal expenses.

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