Seattle, WA

Key Services

  • Office and employee relocation
  • Technology relocation
  • IT disconnect/reconnect
  • Monitor mounting

The Facts

  • 650 employees
  • 250 vertical file cabinets
  • 2 phase project
  • Multiple vendor coordination
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Relocation of an International Forest Products Company in Seattle, Washington. TheRelocation of an International Forest Products Company in Seattle, Washington

The Challenge

One of the largest manufacturers of wood and cellulose fiber products, was building out a new location and needed a provider who could complete a two-phase relocation of their employees, contents and technology under a tight timeframe and in an active site buildout. In addition to relocating their assets, they needed PC disconnect/reconnect and monitor mounting to new monitor stands. Due to the complexity of their business, the relocation needed to take place in two separate phases in order to reduce downtime. In an effort to stay within the budget, they needed the relocation to happen seamlessly in conjunction with the office buildout.

The Solution

Suddath® built a comprehensive move plan and our high-level planning, mixed with our boots-on-the-ground experience, gave us the unique ability to design and perform a move plan under the most challenging circumstances. We relocated their employees, content and technology while performing IT disconnect/reconnect and monitors mounting services – all while staying within budget and on time.

One of the vendors selected to mount the new monitor arms to the workstation was falling behind schedule. In order to keep our part of the agreement on pace and meet our deadline, Suddath stepped in and assisted installing the monitor arms to the workstations which got the other vendor back on track and kept the project from falling behind.

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