Dallas, TX

Key Services

  • Office moving and planning
  • Office furniture installation
  • Office decommission
  • Workplace IT disconnect and reconnect
  • Data center relocation

The Facts

  • 51 employees relocated
  • 51 desktop computers
  • 20+ truck loads
  • 85-year-old records transported

Client Testimonial

Suddath was great to work with on our relocation project. Their team did an excellent job planning and executing the move to our new office. Suddath helped make a very difficult situation a success.

- Ben Curry
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Sensitive Information Successfully Moved in a Dallas Relocation Project. The More control over sensitive financials with innovative technology

The Challenge

HighGround Advisors, a nonprofit investment management and trust services company, considered an office move after being in the same location for almost two decades. They were initially hesitant about relocating; memories of the manual processes, complicated spreadsheets, and stressful tasks seemed overwhelming. Concerns about security and risk to sensitive documents, time restrictions and relocating a room of records dating back more than half a century added to the organization’s hesitation. Given this complex scenario, they were relieved when they found a partner who had modernized office moving, while still providing a personalized move experience focused on customer and employee care.

The Solution

Known for innovation, Suddath® implemented a complete office move solution that reduced risk and improved visibility throughout the move. Using Suddath’s proprietary Tracker Moves technology, HighGround Advisors had complete control over their office move. Winner of a CIO 100 Award for ground-breaking innovation, Tracker Moves enabled the financial institution to track every step of the move with digital images, and real-time updates throughout the office relocation.

Suddath’s office moving experts successfully relocated approximately 51 employees’ technology, crates, file cabinets and chairs. Suddath also arranged five days to decommission and vacate the space of all unwanted furniture to ease the overall office move process. HighGround Advisors were back up and running well within their requested timeline with all irreplaceable records safely intact.

  • Reduced risk and provided more visibility with Tracker Moves technology
  • Relocated 50+ employees
  • Completed decommissioning and vacated space services
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