Sensitive Information Successfully Moved in a Dallas Relocation Project. The Move technology reduced risk when moving sensitive financial materials


Dallas, TX

Key Services

  • Technology disconnect/reconnect
  • Wire management
  • Monitor to arm conversion
  • Installation services
  • Decommission of Furniture

The Facts

  • 51 employees relocated
  • 51 desktop computers
  • 20+ truck loads
  • 85-year-old records room move

Client Testimonial

Suddath was great to work with on our relocation project. Their team did an excellent job planning and executing the move to our new office. Suddath helped make a very diffcult situation a success.

- Ben Curry
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The Challenge

HighGround Advisors® considered relocating their office after being comfortably planted in the same location for many years. The last time they moved their office and documentation was almost two decades ago. They were initially hesitant about relocating; memories of the daunting task from the last relocation seemed overwhelming. They acknowledged they would face multiple complications including time restrictions and concerns of relocating a room of records dating back more than half a century. Given this complex scenario, they required a partner who could deliver the quality and reliability necessary to ensure a flawless move with the utmost care.

Project Goal: Successfully relocate all office items and sensitive business records during the allotted time provided.

The Solution

Suddath® provided HighGround Advisors with the necessary peace of mind by implementing the use of our new software tracker, powered by Telescio®.  This state-of-the-art tracker system allows Suddath customers to sit back and relax from any location and stay updated on the progress of their move in real time. Our team went above and beyond to ensure the client was comfortable and informed by providing ongoing internal/external communications, multiple move meetings, and Telescio training. Our Suddath teams successfully relocated approximately 51 employee’s technology, crates, file cabinets and chairs. Suddath also arranged five days of vacated space/decommission services for all unwanted furniture to ease the overall office move process. HighGround Advisors were back up and running well within their requested timeline with all irreplaceable records safely intact.

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