Northeast, United States

Key Services

  • Office moving
  • Warehouse relocation
  • Space planning
  • Office furniture re-use planning
  • New office furniture
  • Surplus furniture and equipment removal

The Facts

  • 16,000 square feet of office space vacated
  • 50 employees relocated
  • 46,000 square feet of warehouse space relocated
  • 1 partner, Suddath

Client Testimonial

Being able to work with one provider for so many services was a real advantage and we were able to settle into our new space and decommission the old space on time, on budget and with zero damage.

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Relocated 46,000 square-foot warehouse

The Challenge

A leading supplier of small printers, audio components, high-precision machine tools, and precision parts needed to relocate their North American headquarters. Not only did they have to move a 16,000 square-foot office, they had to plan a 46,000 square-foot warehouse move. The office move required reusing as much of the existing furnishings as possible. To accomplish this, they would need professional design, space and furniture planning in addition to office moving services. The warehouse move required the relocation of palletized products, electrical components, forklifts, oversized battery chargers, warehouse shelving and more. In order to execute this correctly, it was critical to select a mover that had experience moving offices and industrial warehouses. In addition, once the old space was vacated there was a need to remove surplus furniture and equipment so the space could be turned over to the property owner in compliance with lease obligations. Add to that, a last-minute requirement to identify and purchase additional furniture and seating on a tight timeline.

Project Goal: Have one provider manage the space planning, furniture, relocation, surplus furniture decommissioning and vacated space services.

The Solution

The client interviewed several relocation providers and after careful consideration, Suddath® was selected due to our ability to provide multiple services beyond only office moving. We helped the client address all of their interrelated space planning, furniture, employee relocation and vacated space requirements. We brought more to the table than just labor and trucks; by purchasing multiple move related services from one provider, they were able to streamline communication, increase accountability and reduce risk and cost. Another advantage of working with Suddath is our flexibility in regards to date changes. Suddath never charges additional money for date changes; we work closely with our clients to provide resources when they need them and not when they are “available.”

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