4 Ways Good Communication Improves Office Moves

When contemplating commercial moving, establish a committee representing business units, HR, IT, Facilities, Finance and trusted long-term employees to create a proactive, positive communication plan. Go beyond just defining a strategy and craft a detailed plan with timelines, specific messaging and multiple modes of delivery to communicate clearly and often.

1. Stifling rumors reduces stress

Potential office moves can stir the rumor mill and have negative impact on your employees’ emotional wellbeing and the company’s productivity.

2. Consistent messaging instills confidence

Office moves are big news. Sharing this information with your employees shows you trust them and have confidence they’ll use this information wisely to prepare their teams. Having consistent, well planned communications lets them know every aspect of commercial moving has been considered.

3. Accessible communications allow for multiple ways to take in the messaging

Not everyone may be in the office at the first big commercial moving announcement. Make sure everyone has multiple ways to hear about the news, from you. Send communications about office moves in various modes: leader presentations, town hall meetings, intranet site articles and FAQs, emails, e-newsletters, billboard flyers, event tables or dining table tents.

4. Allowing for employee feedback makes them feel included

Always include multiple feedback loops. Employees want questions answered, but it’s important that they also feel heard by management. Shy employees might not want to question the boss in a large meeting, so set up an email inbox or an anonymous intranet Q&A discussion board. Make sure someone responds to written inquiries within a reasonable time frame.When brainstorming on messaging, consider some things your employees might be thinking after hearing about the move:

  • Why did I find out about this in the newspaper?
  • Why the heck are we moving anyway, I really like it here.
  • We are moving to a smaller space, is the company doing ok?
  • I’ve moved twice in this building this year and now we are moving to a new building, why?
  • How are they going to fit all of us in that smaller space, are there going to be layoffs?
  • How do you get to the new place, what will this do to my commute and parking situation?
  • How many miles away is that?
  • Do I have to pay tolls now?
  • Does the bus stop near there?
  • Are we keeping our same furniture?
  • Will I still be near a window? Where are the coffee and lunch spots in the new place?
  • Will my security badge work in the new place? When is this all going to happen?
  • Do I have to cancel my vacation?
  • I have to purge and pack up my things, how am I going to get it all done?

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