Sterling Lexicon Amplifies User Experience with Website Revamp

NEWS // September 22, 2020

Sterling Lexicon, a trusted leader providing U.S. domestic and international services in the mobility and relocation industry, today launched its enhanced website,, designed to provide a personalized experience for visitors, customers and partners around the world.

The new site delivers engaging content specifically designed to connect each unique visitor with the relevant resources they need quickly and easily. In addition, the site now has a range of new features, including localization, additional language translations and geofencing.

“With 15 global locations and 33,000 relocations across 180 countries a year, Sterling Lexicon is no stranger to the wide range of our diverse clients’ needs,” said David Dance, president of Sterling Lexicon. “The enhanced features and streamlined navigation are specifically designed to improve the user’s experience with our company right from the start, by delivering content and information based on what visitors are looking for and where they are located, quickly and easily.”

The website also provides an integrated global platform for customers and partners around the world, enabling them to connect with Sterling Lexicon and navigate educational content, trending news and review service offerings in a highly personalized way. The option to translate U.S. English to U.K. English, French or Spanish further enhances a tailored experience.

Additionally, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic and a much greater reliance on virtual connectivity, the company’s clients and partners benefit from an improved ability to quickly access timely, accurate and relevant information through the site.

For more information or to view the new site, visit

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