Moving Tips: 7 Headaches to Avoid on Moving Day

Packing problems, the need to entertain kids and pets, discovering your new home is not ready for you, and facing rain and traffic are just a few unexpected circumstances that can delay your move. Here are seven moving tips for avoiding headaches on your big day.

Moving Tip #1: Finish packing

Perhaps you’ve chosen to self-pack. While you may be fine with last-minute packing, your friends, family and your moving company may have other events and responsibilities planned for the same day. Maximize your time and theirs by having everything ready to go. Also watch out for items that don’t need packing, but can’t be moved without some preparation. Examples include defrosting the fridge and unplugging and detaching cables from TVs, DVRs, stereo systems and computers. Also make sure to disassemble large furniture that won’t otherwise fit through doors.

Moving Tip #2: Hire or recruit a babysitter

Now that you’re moving, hopefully your friends and family are asking how they can help. What about asking them to babysit? You’ll get a lot more done in less time, your moving company can get in and out more easily, and everyone will be less stressed. Grandparents will jump at the chance to spend time with your kids, and will appreciate the opportunity to feel useful, especially if they’re not comfortable lifting heavy furniture.

Moving Tip #3: Hire or recruit a pet-sitter

For example, if your dog tends to get in the way at the worst times, it may help to have someone take him or her for a long walk or to the park to play fetch during the busiest parts of your moving day.

Moving Tip #4: Make sure the new house is actually ready for you to move in

You can’t guarantee what state your new house was left in by most sellers. It’s a good idea to tour the new house between closing and moving to ensure any repairs or other conditions you’ve agreed upon have been taken care of, and that all the seller’s belongings have been moved out. Some homeowners even use the time between closing and moving for an initial cleaning of bathrooms, floors, walls, windows, and doors.

Moving Tip #5: Make sure all of your belongings will fit

This is another reason to visit the new house before actually moving in. Before closing, you may not have a chance to walk through the house room by room with a tape measure. Moving day would be the worst time to realize a couch, pool table, or bed frame can’t get through the door, or won’t fit altogether.

Moving Tip #6: Plan around vacations, events, and traffic

When planning your moving day, consider days when the majority of friends, family, and your moving company are available to help. You may also want to consider any events or parking rules making street access to your new home difficult. Drive by your new home to check parking availability and get an eye for local traffic. New neighbors may give you advice as well.

Moving Tip #7: Plan for the weather

If it’s going to be hot, have lots of refreshments on hand for yourself, friends, and family, even for your movers. If it looks like rain or snow, mark boxes of belongings that are especially sensitive to water damage and also bring paper or plastic to protect your floors (your professional movers should do this for you).

Many people rate moving as one of the most stressful life events. A lot of that stress can be reduced if you follow moving tips like these, making the process feel more like a necessary step in the otherwise exciting journey toward new home ownership.

It’s important to prepare for your move and anticipate what will help you mitigate the stress to you and your family. When you’re ready, call Suddath® for a free move estimate. We’ll provide the options and expertise you need.