13 DIY Halloween Moving Box Costume Ideas

You’ve just moved into your new home, and on the one hand, you feel accomplished with every box you go through. On the other, you now have a ton of boxes to deal with.

What should you do? Post “FREE BOXES” on Facebook Marketplace or NextDoor? Spend weeks slowly breaking them down and fitting them into your recycling bin?

If you’re moving around Halloween (or any time of year – who says you can only wear costumes on Halloween?) what you have is a treasure of Halloween costumes.

It could even be an opportunity to have a housewarming party of sorts to help your kids feel more comfortable in their new home. Set up boxes, paint and other supplies, and invite everyone over to build box costumes.

Here are some of our favorite moving box costumes:

Tetris moving box costume

We created this for our own Suddath® team, and this is what we used:

  • 40 medium-sized moving boxes
  • Colored craft paper (any solid color paper will do)
  • Black tape
  • Packing tape
  • Spray adhesive
  • Scissors
  • Friends (you’ll need help building and cutting)

To get a snug fit when stacking boxes, cut the box lids opposite of each other as you piece them together and use packing tape to increase stability. After your shapes are created, use spray adhesive to stick colored paper to the boxes, and then use black tape to divide sections to create a Tetris look.

Other boxy Halloween costumes:

  • Mr. Roboto
  • Racecar Driver
  • Moving truck driver! (a personal favorite)
  • Astronaut
  • Airplane pilot
  • Minecraft or SIMS characters
  • SpongeBob SquarePants
  • A Lego piece
  • Rubik’s cube
  • A doll in its box
  • TV star
  • Bubblegum dispenser

The possibilities are unlimited, particularly with an internet full of ideas—both topical and retro. If you plan to move in the months before Halloween, set aside some moving boxes for DIY costume fun.